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A fully built from the ground up audio mod focusing on making one feel as if they are inside of the mechs cockpit rather then the exterior of the machine, entirely new audio from weapons, mechs, environments, UI, Music and a whole lot more, intended to drive the feeling of immersion, so grab your neural helmet and strap your self in!

Permissions and credits
The Cockpit sound mod is built first and foremost "Immersion" my goal and interest was to create a soundscape of what it could possibly sound like sitting in a battlemech cockpit. Where every thing outside is far more subdued and muffled where is inside the sounds of your mech shine, from the computer sounds, BB, radio chatter, mech internal sounds for both the machine it self and weapon discharges all come together to provide as much immersion as I could give. This mod is a entire sound overhaul, every aspect sound wise has been rebuilt, from the smallest object on the ground to the largest weapon being fired to the music it self, all completely changed specifically for this cockpit feeling, many months went into making this, far longer then my previous mod and will remain my main focus for the near future, with that out of the way lets get into what exactly is different.

I do accept donations via paypal but that is entirely optional if you wanna contribute to the project  it is my only source of income at this time give the world we live in right now, any thing is appreciated. Paypal email is [email protected] for ease of use. Or

UI and front end

A entirely new soundscape for aspects beyond the battlefield the entire UI, Leopard hanger and menu systems have all been changed, the onboard hanger of your dropship is far more alive as the sounds of machinery operating, where it is drills, robotic arms, welding its all be once more re done for a fresh take this extends to menu UI, and ambient sounds overhauled to invoke a more space feeling, radio chatter in the background as you tweak and alter your machines, Jump from system to system or simply buying and selling items, every sound has been changed to invoke a more industrial sense of feel.

Environment and environmental destruction.

A great deal of time was spent on this section, every sound had to be rebuilt again to fit to the feel of the mod, every type of structure and material has its own expanded destruction sound set complete with its fine tuned attenuation levels for volume and low pass, this extends from the largest of structures, explosives, vehicles, trees, ground explosions, metal, concrete and down to the smallest of objects like lamp posts or that dudes car parked outside of a building before you stepped on it, this further more extends to more subtle sounds such as distant thunder storms and the pattering of rain against the cockpit layer of your mech. 


While vehicles were usually a back seat there has been a entire resounding of their destruction based sounds, which further more have been separated into Tank and Vtol sounds making a little more clearer what exactly has been destroyed, this further goes onto new chopper sounds for the Vtols, leopard dropship and ground based tread vehicles, while its not a major overhaul like the rest of the other sections it has received a healthy dose of OOMPH so when popping one it will give a satisfying explosion afterwards.


This single handed was the greatest change overall, given the nature of the cockpit like soundscape where most of what is external of the mech is more subdued and muffled a great deal of time and sounds were poured into the mechs internal systems, this covers the mechs mechanical, UI, BB and feedback systems. The interior of the machines are now filled with a subtle rumbling hum of a reactor, the beeps and boops of onboard systems, radio chatter coming and going. Button presses for toggling systems and greater feed back from the BB computer voice of vital important such as alarms to indicate of missiles incoming or a weapon has been destroyed. Foot steps and mech engine acceleration has also been altered to scale up to the size of the machine being piloted. Further additions include the rattling of metal and parts when your machine either crashes into something, struct by a enemy projectile weapon or just engaging the jump jets, the sounds of the mech buckling and rattling as she goes along. The mech feed back of incoming weapons fire and destruction has also been altered to provide mix of external and internal impact effect, the sound of a powerful clonk mixed with the explosive force of the exterior will surely let you know that something is definitely firing at you.

Weapons and impact

No doubt the hardest aspect of it all, getting the weapons to feel right while getting them to sound like they being fired externally, this process was time consuming as a layered system had to be added. The exterior firing of the weapon and the internal mechanical/feedback of the weapon firing, weapons like the AC's now can be heard internally as their guns are fired whether it is mechanical or the subtle rattle of the cockpit interior as a weapon like the AC 20 is fired, this is carried over to every weapon to produce a satisfying feedback despite the more muffled take on the weapon systems, Missiles will not be heard clicking and igniting to leave the tubes, AC's will rattle and clunk when fired, Gauss rifles will discharge after firing and many many more, an entire new roster of weapon sounds specifically hand crafted to fit the feel of being fired from with in the mech it self. A new series of internal reloading sounds for the AC's have also been added with as much chonkiness I could fit.

Attenuation levels

Given the environment the mod is shooting for, it also meant every sound level, distance and tone had to be adjusted to fit how it may feel to be in a cockpit of a walking mech, Sounds now externally are not as crisp as those of your mech internally and thus will drop off much quicker the further you move away from this, this covers every thing from foot steps, external weapon sounds, destruction, vehicles and so forth, I have tried my best to match my own experience to this and while its 100% accurate we are still dealing with the "What if" So I have adjusted them all to best fit the feel of sitting in the confines of a bipedal murder machine.


Another major undertaking was getting new music to fit with the mod, as again the more subdued nature didn't fit with the hardcore metal original soundtrack thus new music from a wide range of samples including music produced and or remixed by Sir Dubdub has been added to the mod, mostly a focus on confined, desperate tracks with 1 or 2 up lifting tracks. All the music is a mix and match put together that I felt fitted what I was shooting for in the sound mod, this music extends to new victory/defeat and ambient tracks.

(Please keep in mind the music may not always flow well together, this is because of how the game handles music transitions I've done what I can but its not perfect.)

This mod has been a major labor of love built purely for immersion, I know it won't be every one's cup of tea an that is fine but I have enjoyed all the months creating it and will continue to update when the DLC hits, there will be also two versions one for regular MW5/Reloaded and a version for Merctech.

Get to your mech and lock en load!