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Immersive HUD with a more military feel and actual glass panes complete with scratches and smudges. Also provides graphical feedback on both overheating and cockpit damage. Adds new functionality to the HUD with new data and feedback including enemy heat scale. Attempts to recreate the difficulty of managing an overheating Battlemech.

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WARNING: This is my first time very creating a HUD.  I have a background fine arts training but not in computer graphics.  I drew and created the graphics myself in photoshop, but they may not be to everyone's liking (personally some of them look great in photoshop but look a bit cartoonish once imported).  Did not seem to effect my FPS with and without the new HUD and tried to optimize every bit of code and graphics I can but still may be more demanding for lower end system as uses transparencies.

v 1.0: First version, 1.2 bug fixes screen size and improved efficiency. Labels target as friendly if targeting a friendly mech.

Overall design: I wanted to recreate a more realistic military feel for this Battletech game.  Neurohelmets are hard to come by and are kept for years as functional equipment. It felt too gamelike in the intro game with a perfectly clean display with no signs of an actual helmet. Even though extremely well done some of the HUD mods that have been made felt more high scifi to me and less the dirty lived in world of battletech.  To that end I built a HUD and neurohelmet that have a used lived in feel to them.  My aesthetic was to increase the military style functionality and color uses that real world militaries use in HUD, and that I feel would likely persist in the future.  So this cockpit may not be everyone's cup of tea.  On the download page I have uploaded the plugin for other mod makers as well. Feel free to use the plugin as a base most of the graphics can easily be substituted while keeping the functionality the same.

The HUD is markedly different. I rearranged it to display your weapons and mech in the RLower MFD and the enemy mech in the LLower MFD.  Coms are now in the RUpper MFP and mission info is in the LUpper MFD.  The compass is still at the top and the map is at the bottom though I rotated it slightly to appear more 3D.  The panels are also labeled now.  Finally I have added several new function:

1. Targeting Bracket: The targeting zone now has a green bracket.  It also provides attachment for the following new data points:
--L. upper: Jump jet feedback.  This provides Current altitude, Max jump height, vanishes if no JJ
--L. middle: Jumpjet bar showing remaining burn, vanishes if no JJ and % fuel next to the bar.
--L. lower: current speed in KPH and max speed settings
--R. upper: Ammo count, provides the weapon name and ammo count so you don't have to glance down during a firefight
--R. lower: Heat % (100% is overheating), also provides engine temperature in K and cockpit temperature C for immersion, finally has heat risk of ammo explosion color coded for MercTech users (or immersion if not using MercTech).  Each mertech cutoff triggers and color coded word.
--Gyro display below the bracket works with merctech. Visual in vanilla.

2. Enemy heat bar: Next to the enemy mech display it now shows their estimated current heat. This uses infrared sensors of the enemy mech (pretend of course) and helps guide your use of inferno missiles and flamers.

3. System status panel: For immersion lists your pilot name, Chassis, elapsed mission time, Terran time at mission start and current Terran time (your clock). Finally the lower part of this panel will provide alerts if your mech is suffering internal structure to a part.

v2.0: Now is MercTech compatible.  Can use the same file with or without merctech but has the new MercTech functionality if used with MercTech.

This mod works to give visual feedback and restrictions to heat. Now you suffer the same as enemy mechs when overheating with visual effects making targeting and play harder and incentivizing you not to laser vomit to the max.  As you overheat their is progressive feedback. First your breath will begin to cause condensation with higher density and accelerated breathing the hotter it gets. Then you may see your cooling vent begin to show condensation on jetting in cool oxygen.  Next you may start to feel light headed and see some of the veins in the back of your eyes.  At near shutdown your vision will narrow down and all you will struggle to see outside your pulsating retinas.  At very high heat even when you cool down their will be a period of condensation on the rim of your HUD until you cool down long enough. Enjoy the pain!

1. Displays HUD damage (broken glass) when you have no remaining head armor. 
2. Directional HUD shake from receiving damage.  The helmet and HUD will now jerk in response to damage.  It is directional so you can tell from where you are being shot.  Minor shake to avoid motion sickness.  
3. Wires in upper portion shake separate to convey motion.
4. You may lose parts of the HUD when receiving damage to certain MercTech subsystems (such as sensors or targeting computer)

Please feel free to provide feedback on effects you would like to see or problems with the current system or graphics.  This is a first draft.  Things I am considering:
1. Reticle sway when overheating >90%
2. MFD malfunction when overheating >100%