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Adds no Friendly Fire and special abilities to Mechs - Headlights, Cool Shot, Artillery Strike and Bullet-Time with HUD support.

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Mech Special Abilities

Adds special abilities to Mechs - Headlights, Cool Shot, Artillery Strike and Bullet-Time with HUD support.

Enables No Friendly Fire (thank you @yrrot) so your own lancemates and allies take no damage from each other.

The mod adds fixed key bound abilities to all player controlled mechs.
Two versions available: one with all AI Mechs having headlights enabled at Night and Dawn, and one without AI having headlights.
All Mechs have dual headlights (+/- 15°, bound to cockpit) that are dynamic, cast shadows, etc. All the jizz. Might be hard on performance if a lot of such lights are present. Of so, try the no AI headlight version.

L - Headlights - turns on dual headlights, attached to mech cockpit so they point where you turn.
Insert - Cool Shot - immediately removes 22.5 heat from the mech. Requires "Coolant Pod" item equipped. 1t, 1 slot, each allows two uses.
Home - Artillery Strike - Calls down a Long Tom Artillery barrage (6 shots, 30 AoE damage in 30m radius each) at the crosshair (1500m max range). Requires "Artillery Strike" item equipped. 0t, 1 slot, each allows two uses. Damage from AoE does not count in mission stats.
Consumable abilities have 25 second cooldown.
U - Bullet-Time - Sets global time dilation to 20% and personal (own mech) time dilation to 500%. Experimental. Read notes.
0 (zero) UAV - Spawns an ally UAV drone with one small laser. Just testing. Works fine, shoots at things, draws fire. Until DLC and editor update, it can't share targeting info.

I moved this from Yet Another Weapon to its standalone form to reduce compatibility problems, and for easier use.
This mod overrides AbstractMech, so any mods that change this asset will conflict (No Friendly Fire and Mech Commander as of now). Mod load order determines which mod will become active (higher number in mod.json takes priority).
If using the load order manager, put this to the top of the list (over any other mod that changes AbstractMech).

Known bugs:
Artillery Strike does not work properly for coop clients, so I removed it entirely from client-side (HUD item as well).
Headlights don't work on Centurion if using Oraeon's TT Rescale mod.

Recommended to use with:
MW5Mercs Reloaded
Yet Another Reloaded Mech
Yet Another Weapon
Yet Another Weapon Clan
Mech Special Abilities
Scary Tanks
TableTopRulez_Enemy AI Mod
Enhanced HUD (with Advanced Zoom)
Also works with my separate mods (Remove JumpShip Animation, Unlock Hidden Color Schemes, Max Level Unique Pilots).