MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Adds missing MWO Mech variants to the Reloaded mod.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds the variants from MWO that devs almost completely ported over, but did not include in the game. And some extra canon and non-canon variants.
Also adds custom loadouts with advanced weapons for the new variants that you'll meet as enemy units.

This does NOT contain the small mods I made (remove jumpship animation, unlock hidden colors, etc).

Requires the following mods:
MW5 Mercs Reloaded from Navid A1
Yet Another Weapon from cszolee79

Recommended to use with:
MW5Mercs Reloaded
Yet Another Reloaded Mech
Yet Another Weapon
Yet Another Weapon Clan
Mech Special Abilities
Scary Tanks
TableTopRulez_Enemy AI Mod
Enhanced HUD (with Advanced Zoom)
Also works with my separate mods (Remove JumpShip Animation, Unlock Hidden Color Schemes, Max Level Unique Pilots).

The mod has some HPS files for the custom weapon hardpoints (King Crab Gojira, Highlander BloodPlague), and game will report conflict with Reloaded.
That is normal and desired behavior. Make sure the mech mod overrides the Reloaded mod (check load order in mod.json, set the number higher than Reloaded).
Default load order setting for Yet Another Reloaded Mech is 10, so it should override Reloaded if nothing is modified.

77 new variants plus 25 extra loadouts.