MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Give Co-Op players access to all home screen menu buttons and functionality.

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This mod is a simple UI change that allows co-op players to view all of the home screen button menus. Instead of only having access to the mechbay/mech tab from the home screen co-op users can access the starmap, contract, market, etc. This gives co-op players something to do between missions, review the starmap, contracts, etc. 

It is still required for the host to give the permissions to the co-op player the same way you did for just the mech tab in the friends list menu

Two words of caution.
1. This is still very raw, there are items that don't work yet. It is mostly for co-op players reference than action.
2. Both players have to have the pak installed for the mod to work.

Install is easy, same as the rest just drop the .pak file into your MW5Mercs/Content/Paks folder.