MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

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Enhanced HUD for MW5 with a bunch of new features

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RTX Raytracing is now supported

MOD folder install version added

Enhanced HUD for MW5 with Advanced zoom

- Joystick and Gamepad Keybinds now should be supported (I have neither... so test it)
- Advance zoom toggle keybind now should take effect immediately during gameplay
- Major tweaks to the advanced zoom lighting adaptation (no more too dark or too bright)   
- Performance fix when a target is selected with advanced zoom active      
- Performance Improvements (close to no stutters caused by mouse wheel... note that enemy spawn events cause a stutter on its own)
- Overall pass on reticle offsets for pinpoint accuracy
- Mouse wheel down (or your custom zoom out key) always will switch off advanced zoom now. Even if it was brought up with the toggle key

 - Advanced Zoom (set on Left Alt as default. Configurable in options menu at the very end of the "controls" section) - CO-OP IS SUPPORTED

 - Advanced Zoom is also added as an optional zoom stage on top of normal zoom (change in options menu as shown below)

 - Fixed mouse sensitivity in normal zoom (now you can aim faster when in 2x zoom)

 - Proper orientation of the mech paper doll indicator for the player (Right on the paper doll corresponds to right side of your mech).

 - Minimap has been moved to the bottom center of the HUD along with heat, jumpjet and throttle bars

 - Parabolic effects.

 - Custom color set in the game options (including opacity setting)

 - New reticles

 - Mini heatbar on reticle

 - HTAL health bars for your mech
(cycle modes with F12 key)

 - There IS a 20% to 30% performance cost while the zoom window is active.

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 - Copy the provided *.pak file in:
..\Epic Games\MW5Mercs\MW5Mercs\Content\Paks