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Adds some of the less known inner sphere weapons, like the Magshot Gauss Rifles, Thunderbolt Missiles, and NLRMs. Updated for the Steam release version and HoIS DLC.

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Updated for version 1.1.290 and Heroes of the Inner Sphere DLC

This mod adds to aim some of the more obscure IS weapons, and to complement the better known weapon mods out there. 

Weapons added:
*Magshot (0.5t, 2 crits or Small ballistic)
A miniature Gauss rifle, 2 damage and 270m of range. Available since 3061.
*Thunderbolt 5/10/15/20 (3t/5t/11t/15t, 1/2/3/5 slots or S/M/L/L missile)
Missile weapon that instead of firing a cluster of missiles, fires a single one that deals the listed amount of damage, concentrating damage in a single location. 150m minimum range, 770m max. Available since 3055.
*NLRM 5/10/15/20 + Artemis IV variants (3t/6t/9t/12t, 2/4/6/9 slots or S/M/L/L missile)
LRMs with an improved minimum range of 90 meters, instead of the usual 180m of the normal launcher. Higher tiers of launchers have even smaller min ranges, with T4 at 45m and T5 having no minimum range at all. Enhanced LRMs use normal LRM ammo. Available since 3054.

  • Updated for the last version of the game.
  • Fixed the level 5 Thunderbolt ammo. Was using Tbolt 20, now uses the correct one.
  • Reduced the heat generated by NLRM 15 and 20 launchers to be in line with LRMs of the same size. Was 5.4 (NLRM 15) and 7.2 (NLRM 20), now it is 4.5 and 5.4.
  • Redesigned the flight path of Thunderbolt missiles. Now they follow a more shallow trajectory, reducing their height sooner to hit targets from the front instead of from above.
  • Added the Enhanced LRM family of launchers (NLRM) in all variants (cluster, stream, cluster + Art IV, and stream + Art IV), and all tiers.
  • Thunderbolt missiles now follow an arching path similar to LRMs.
  • Fixed Magshot and Thunderbolt ammo not showing up unless 'Valid Only' was unchecked (Thank you cszolee!).
  • Initial release containing the Magshot and Thunderbolt launcher.

Extract the mod folder to your MW5Mercs\Mods folder.