MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Missions generate from 5-100 difficulty in all conflict zones, tonnage increased to 400 for all generated missions, and a custom pilot and 'mech reward are added to the mission Last Man Standing.

Permissions and credits
Once you are past the first few campaign missions you are free to play as though you're a regular mercenary company, completely ignoring the campaign! Since there are missions of all difficulties in all conflict zones, you can travel to wherever you prefer to work and find missions of any difficulty, eliminating the otherwise clockwise-linear progression of the campaign.

Future Update
I have put some time into an update that will allow you to see the list of available missions, their difficulties, and the employing and target factions when you hover over a planet on the starmap. I am also looking at increasing the maximum number of contracts generated per planet so that it is easier to find missions with difficulties appropriate for the player. Unfortunately this is more difficult than expected and at this point I do not expect to work on it much more since the DLC will revamp the conflict zones when it comes out in the near future. Once that DLC is out I may take a look to see if there is anything that can be done.

1.0 Update
The file has been re-uploaded with a higher load order number. This mod is compatible with the popular Reloaded mod by NavidA1. In the mods menu of MW5 it will state that these two mods conflict, but NavidA1 and I have confirmed that there is only one shared file edited in both our mods. We have both changed the maximum available drop tonnage to 400, so there is no actual conflict. Testing has double-checked that the mods work perfectly together. Further, since both of our mods require starting a new campaign they pair quite well together.

Be aware that in multiple-mission-operations (where you accept a contract for two or more consecutive missions) the difficulty of each mission is generated individually! I recommend avoiding multiple-mission contracts unless you're confident that you can complete any mission difficulty. In a way this relegates multiple-mission contracts to sort of an end-game thing.

Also, anyone who is requesting a version that still has tonnage limits read this: While I appreciate the idea that tonnage limits may guide you as to how much 'mech you really need to bring to complete a mission or that the limits are a way to artificially challenge yourself by not bringing 400 tons to a low difficulty mission, you are 100% free to do that while still having the option to bring 400 tons. Altering the tonnage limit does not change the difficulty of any mission or what enemies spawn. It is only a guideline. You own your Leopard dropship and can choose to bring as much tonnage as you want, even on an easy mission. Further, one of the functions of removing tonnage limits is specifically to give you more freedom in the end-game. Once you're a high level you may run out of things to entertain yourself, but being able to bring 400 tons of 'mech to an easy mission and stomp some pirates is precisely what this mod aims to accomplish. You should be able to take any difficulty mission anywhere and play it the way you want. So no, there will not be a version of this mod that has tonnage limits. You are free to take as little tonnage as you want anyway - so just do it.

1.0 Upload

The data for all conflict zones was changed so that all conflict zones can generate missions of any difficulty (5-100). The max available tonnage is also increased to 400 tons for all generated missions. The option to get any mission difficulty in any conflict zone has been requested many times, so I thought that the community would appreciate this mod.

For the mod to work, you must start a new campaign. The data for the conflict zones is generated at the beginning of the game, so existing save-games cannot be altered to include the wider range of mission difficulty.

I am aware that the upcoming DLC#1 will mean that this mod will require an update in the future, and I am perfectly happy to do that when the time comes. In the meantime, enjoy the ability to take high difficulty missions in Davion territory or low difficulty missions in Steiner territory. Good luck MechWarriors.

Additional Pilot and 'Mech Rewards
Since you have to start a new game, I combined a previous mod of mine with this one. This extra feature is that the mission rewards to the fourth campaign mission Last Man Standing are changed to add the custom pilot PFC Adil Said and a BJ-1 'mech to the rewards. PFC Adil Said is already a character in the vanilla MW5 game files but was unused for some reason. He has a custom pilot portrait as you can see in the posted images. Due to popular demand from the first iteration of that mod, I added a small biography to the character and increased his skill cap to 60 so that there is no reason to get rid of him during the game.

I have heard from numerous people that the Blackjack from mission four should be a reward since it can survive the mission. Further, even if it didn't survive the area is secured at the end of the mission, meaning that in theory it should be easily salvageable. Since you can save the 'mech, I decided that it would also be a good way to add one of the unused characters from the game files.

Simply download the files and place the folder into the MW5Mercs/Mods folder where you have the game installed. You can select the mod from
the "Mods" menu in MW5.

Please endorse this mod if you like it or think that others will enjoy it. I hope to reach as wide an audience as
possible so that more people can enjoy MW5.