MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Adds Orbital Drop Beacons that summon allied units. Feel overwhelmed? Call in an Assault Lance from orbit!

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How to explain this... the original idea was to make an Urbie Launcher. That did not work as intended, because the projectile has to be a static mesh - basically a bare, non-textured Urbie torso without a head (cockpit). So instead of shooting explosive Urbies, I thought why not spawn an Urbie where the projectile hits?
... and it turned into this monstrosity.

Adds Orbital Drop Beacon launchers (12t ballistic weapon, 4 ammo/t) in these variations:
- random Light, Medium, Heavy and Assault mech and lance
- random Atlas mech and Steiner Scout Lance
- random Urbie mech and lance
- VTOL squad (Igor or helicopter)
- heavy tank squad (Demolisher, Partisan, Manticore, LRM/SRM60).

It is exactly as it says - you shoot your beacon and it'll call in a mech from the sky around the hit location (random in a 60m radius).

Tanks spawn on the ground, because they do really weird things when not.

Credit goes to yrrot, the dynamic spawner is his design.

Compatibility: uses only a custom weapon, ammo and projectiles with the spawner logic, should work with everything.