MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Adds extra buttons and some new functionality to the main Mechbay UI for convenience.

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(Note: Mod renamed from "Extra Weapons Group Button" since it now does a few more things.)

Adds the following buttons to the main Mechbay UI:
  • Repair All ('mechs)
  • Weapon Groups
  • Cancel All (Active work orders)

Adds status icons (missing ammo, broken equipment) directly to 'mechs icons so it's no longer necessary to click each 'mech for details.

Compatible with Reloaded.


Weapon Groups button in 'Mechbay
AI needs specific weapon groups set up to perform at its best and does not understand chainfire. If you share 'mechs with AI pilots, you may often have to reconfigure weapon groups. To avoid having to go into the 'mechlab to edit the weapon groups (which is also impossible if the 'mech is being refit), I added a weapon groups window directly to 'mechbay.

Repair All button in 'Mechbay
If you have several damaged 'mechs that you do not intend to refit, you have to click each 'mech separately and then click two more times to confirm. The "repair all" button will check for 'mechs that are repairable and automatically add work orders for them without any confirmation.
Note: 'Mechs with completely broken equipment need their equipment replaced and can not be repaired in this manner.

Cancel All button in 'Mechbay
Clicking cancel on each work order and having to confirm it is just tedious. The "repair all" button of course needs a companion: a "cancel all" button to remove all work orders with no confirmation.

Status icons in 'Mechbay
When you repair a 'mech, the work order is created and the 'mech icon gets a little tag showing that this 'mech is being repaired. This tag will now show other 'mech issues such as weapons missing ammo, ammo without weapons and broken equipment as well (Undertonnage not shown by default and is a separate version).

  • The status icons do not show the repair icon. This is already signified by the yellow/red dashed background.
  • In the default version, the status icons do not show tonnage problems (over/under). The Reloaded mod seems to modify the warnings icon and removes these, so in order to be compatible, I also remove tonnage warnings. There is an alternative version that includes those.
  • You may see a broken equipment/weapon symbol on a 'mech that is fully repaired. This is a bug in Reloaded. A workaround for this is to edit 'mech and strip it completely and it will remove the icon.

  • Add nickname changing directly to the 'mechbay so you don't have to open painter
  • I had an idea to add a weapons group button to deployment so that you could mod it just before landing as well, but Reloaded unfortunately already mods the deployment screen so that is probably out.