MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Time to strap yourself back into that walking nuke reactor kid this audio mod is going back to Mechwarrior 2 mercs, a full sound overhaul of the game to bring the sounds of the classic to the new, weapons, mechs, UI, BB, Music, environment and all in between, so hit that throttle and get to some real killing, 90's style.

Permissions and credits
This audio mod is all about nostalgia and taking a trip down memory lane with some remastered sounds of the old classic Mechwarrior 2 series of games. Every sound effect has been taken out, changed, tweaked and altered to fit the feeling of that classic feel. Porting many of the iconic sounds for those games straight over into this one. However simple sound porting was not enough many sounds have been updated with new layers and elements to provide a greater overall change and update while keeping that original level of sound quality remembered by many. Every thing from the menu ambiance, weapons, mech sounds, explosions and even the soundtrack have all been reconfigured and updated to fit into MW5. So get ready to be strapped into that walking Nuke reactor again kid.

What the mod does:

The mod is a pure nostalgia overhaul, it changes sounds and adds many new ones based on the same quality to the game changing the sound to feel like you playing MW2 with a MW 5 paint job. This has been extended to every sound effect, from trees, weapons, buildings,mechs,  vehicles and more its all been overhauled to give that 90's feel back.



MW2 weapon sounds were iconic even if some of them sounded a bit strange, they were also limited and acted some what different to MW5 weapons (Lasers being bolts) Thus every weapon sound has been revamped to fit MW5, lasers were fine turned and extended with extra layers, Auto cannons have kept the original sounds but had extra oomph layers under them to distinguish one size from another, pulses have been cycled to match the fire rates and missiles were further altered and changed to work with both Salvo and stream fired. I tried to keep the original feel of the sounds as best as I could while giving them a little more life.


Mechs have also been given the MW2 treatment with those iconic power up,shut down and internal sounds along with those thudding footsteps the mech sounds are matched to their MW 2 counterparts some extra sounds were added such as lower quality torso twist sounds and the correct MW2 mercs reactor looping sounds, Mechwarrior 2 Mercs BB also was given a slighty remaster making her sound a little more closer to the original MW2 betty voice along with custom lines stitched together best I could to make the whole Betty sound natural in some lines which didn't exist for MW5.

Environment and destruction:

While originally not part of the project after playing having the classic sounds with 2020 sounds didn't mix well so I went to every sound for every item,tree,material,weather,vehicle and every thing else in between, mixed it edited it matched it to the sound quality of the rest and re added it back in with addtional layers to make the sounds feel like they were always apart of MW 2 to begin with, explosion sounds were remastered with additional layers while keeping the iconic weapon impact sounds across the board adding more variety to the mix in a whole.

UI and frontend:

There were no sound files for menu's or background ambiance in MW2 files but were present in the interface that you used in Mechwarrior 2 mercs thus alot of time was used to sit in these old games recording UI sounds, ambiance, button pushes, voices that muttered dialog, mech bay mechanics and more, assembled them from raw footage and slotted them into the game to give the feeling you back on that hub where you were first introduced in MW 2 mercs. Some sounds were carried over from my sound overhaul to fill any minor gaps that MW2's simply had nothing for. 


Mechwarrior 2 was known by many for its music for the time and thus it was a no brainier I had to add it or as much of it as I could, thus after tinkering, cutting tracks, looking some activation pieces, choosing which to add, disabling other systems, linking and read adjusting the lengths of the tracks, this sound mod will have a wide selection of Mechwarrior 2 music that will play both in game and in the menu, selected ambient, activition and combat music, mostly drawn from the Mercs soundtrack while including a few from the original MW2 score and that of ghost bear tracks like, Scapel, Arkham bridge, Armor veil, Snake city, Tick tock, Trojan horse, mirror cage and more. The system is not entirely perfect but the music plays and was the final element to the mod.

This was a side by side project to my other overhaul and while this mod may even be less of a taste then the other I hope some will enjoy this trip down nostalgia lane. Enjoy

Credit to the small intro movie goes to Neonin the same guy behind the Merctech And Navid logo's