MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Load order and activation manager for MW5 Mercenaries.

Permissions and credits
Can be run from anywhere, this edits the mod.json file to change load order so use at your own discretion.
When using the launcher version will self update upon first run and when new versions are available.

To set which vendor you are using goto File -> set vendor -> your version.
To set your install directory goto File -> Install Directory -> Select or Search
When selecting you need to select your INSTALL directory and, not the mods directory, this can be for example "C:\games\MW5Mercs".
You do not need to select or search for your mods folder if you are using the Windows Store version.
The game can be run from the editor ONLY if you are using the EPIC Store version at the moment.

Will detect any mods in the mods folder, tick to activate, move up or down for load order, press apply to apply.
Changes will ONLY be applied when apply is pressed so don't forget.

This program was made in C#.
Github repo for those who wanna look at my spaghetti code:
Launcher :
Manager :