MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Adds helpful stats to weapon tooltips.
Fixes Rate of Fire calculations for tooltips and the mechlab equipment panel.

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I started this mod to correct the Rate of Fire calculations on tooltips and on the mechlab equipment panel as they weren't calculated correctly.

By default the Rate of Fire is calculated on solely the cooldown of a weapon. It didn't take into account the duration of a laser, or the fire time of a burst ballistic, Ultra AC or stream missiles. So those weapons looked better on paper because their Rate of Fire was displayed Higher than they actually were.

I first noticed it on a LRM mech that had two different sized steam missile launchers. According to the stats the Rate of Fire for both was exactly the same, but the LRM20-ST Was taking longer to reload than the LRM10-ST. This is because the cooldown doesn't start until a weapon has finished firing and for some reason the UI wasn't showing that in the tooltips or on the mechlab inventory screen.

Once I fixed that I decided to add a few more stats to tooltips that I thought would be handy to know when building a mech:
Damage Per Second
Heat Per Second
Optimal Range for Lasers
Minimum Range for Missiles