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Visual + Audio Upgrade. THIS is the complete War Package for the visual and audio upgrading of MW5 easily. BETTER FPS/PERFORMANCE/Optimization. NEW LIGHTING.NEW EXPLOSIONS. Missiles now look MEAN.. MMgun hit effects and muzzle flashes tuned. Various other visual tunage and changes for more a more proper dramatic/war look. All systems nominal.

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LATEST UPDATE (12.079 AUDIO UPDATE  12.079 8-03-20/ Old-School BB Version):

  • 2 versions. One with new BB, one with old-school mw2 bb. Choose your Destiny?

  • New new interior sounds for all mechs as well as internal sounds tuned for more immersion.
  • Various Sound fixes/love. (ie: You can now hear internals without having to restart mech)
  • Radio sounds like radio. 
  • Atlas given it's own distinct internal and engine sound.
  • Engines now sound like engines
  • Sound quality =  
  • Deep = Mw5 Master volume at 60-62. 
  • Hifi = Mw5 Master volume at 70-80. 
  • Intense = Mw5 master volume 80-100. 
  • Mw5 Master Volume now tied to dynamics of master output. So now hopefully no need for 3 different sound versions.

For the sound only mod, go here

If you have a nvidia card that does DLSS, turn it on in the options -> display menu for more stable fps.

This mod seems to work best with rtx cards (ray tracing disabled) and with directx12 renderer of the game.

If you have a DLSS enabled card, do this -> 

and go to GameUserSettings.ini

Open in notepad. Look for DLSS sharpness. Set to 7.000000 and save.

For better performance, go to


Add this to engine.ini and save:



Here we go: (Check last update as this is just the INITIAL things I changed on the first version I uploaded)

This a Visual + Audio Upgrade (MedsMod Audio mod included within/integrated). 
Ambient Lighting added to various effects and explosions. 

Explosions tuned/changed/juiced.

Muzzle flashes now proper size.

Missiles now have proper visual propulsion and trail, but don't kill resources. 

MMgun hit effects tuned. PPC tuned.  

Laser hit effects tuned.

Various other visual tunage for a more WAR effect.

Mech explosions tuned

Added lighting to various sources.

Tuned particle/spark system(s). Some had too many sparks, but you couldn't even see em.

Created my own effects where necessary.

Smoke tuned to act more like smoke.

etc etc alot of little things done that I can't keep up with as I had too much fun.

Instructions - 

If you have meds mod already (you don't need it though), might as well leave it in your mod folder. Unpack this one, and add the main folder to your mod folder in MW5. Open MW5, select "supermedsmod10" in the mod manager. Deactivate anything that conflicts. Restart.

Mods that I use with this that work on my system:


If you see square blocks, you most likely need to update mechwarrior to the latest version.

If you have fps problems , try deleting your shader cache here C:\Users\(yourusername)\AppData\Local\MW5Mercs\Saved

delete D3DCompute.ushaderprecache_v2 and D3DGraphics.ushaderprecache_v2 files ONLY. Not the folders. Leave those alone.