MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Nick Sherman - GenericMeds

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Simply the BEST sound upgrade for Mechwarrior 5 (tried em all, trust me). - Professional Quality - . Clarity and depth at all volumes. Immersive-ness of game multiplied. .This is war. Not a merry stroll through lollipop land. And I believe it should sound like a damn war. All Systems Nominal..

Permissions and credits

LATEST UPDATE (v 16.00 8-03-20):

2 versions. One with new BB, one with old-school mw2 bb. Choose your Destiny?

  • New new interior sounds for all mechs as well as internal sounds tuned for more immersion.
  • Various Sound fixes/love. (ie: You can now hear internals without having to restart mech)
  • Radio sounds like radio. 
  • Atlas given it's own distinct internal and engine sound.
  • Engines now sound like engines.
  • Sound quality =  
  • Deep = Mw5 Master volume at 60-62. 
  • Hifi = Mw5 Master volume at 70-80. 
  • Intense = Mw5 master volume 80-100. 
  • Mw5 Master Volume now tied to dynamics of master output. So now hopefully no need for 3 different sound versions.

If you want Audio AND Visual upgrades and optimizations that I've done(looks and plays a ton better),

head here:

Both Audio and Visual upgrades included in that separate mod ^

This mod is just the audio improvements/replacement. 


Initial Description:

I love this game. It's great. Runs like a camel with only 2 feet, but it's still nice.

My opinion starts to falter a lil bit when I decide to arm myself with a machine gun.
It sounds like a nailgun underwater that's kinda broken, but still under warranty.

nononono. We can't have this. I'm going in. I usually engineer and make music at

Have been for quite a while. I sell tracks to libraries for films and games.

But nevertheless, 

I can't let this travesty go on. No. I'm gonna upgrade the sound out of this rass.

I'm also gonna fix the mixing. Alot of weird stuff going on with the sound.

Why does it not sound like battlefield bad company 2? I mean, we are in big ass mechs.

I wanna feel like a big man dammit while walking thru explosions with my arm dangling by a string of metal but still firing on who I have targeted uncaring about damage. Surrounded by explosions and enemy fire.

This is where I come in. Using the wisdom I've learned from making music all these years.... tuning and making sounds for a game?


What I've done (initially) - 

Made overall sound quality better. I've tuned some of the master effects for a better representation of their character, as well as the character when different sounds play at one time. As well as added some effects as well.

Replaced some laser sounds, ballistics and missile with own that I've either synthesized or made.
 - got a bit more I've made I need to test out. Esp for stream vs salvo.

Changed some Hud lock on sound(s). 

Changed mechlab sound for transactions and declothing your mech.

Adjusted equalization,  proper volume, as well as some new processing for ALOT of their sounds. Per mixing rules to make everything intense, but still a little breathable. Alot of their sounds were dull.

Changed other stuff I don't remember.

My way of doing this is doing the most important stuff first, then fanning out. I wanted to focus on combat first.

I have some old mw2 original tracks I've remastered to be alot better sounding that I'm going to eventually use as the title or something to that effect.

Also will be adding my own custom music/textures I've composed or from sounds I've made over the years.

We shall see.

Let us proceed.

Instructions are the same norm; drag folder into mw5 mod folder. Then select in the mod menu and restart in mw5.


Sound Eggs (Random audio information about sounds used)

Machine gun sound is a mixture of a small chunk of the old small pulse laser sound, and layers of paper ripping at different pitches. Then all combined.

Missile sounds are made from Mig29 flyby recordings (russian fighter jet) combined with a printer cartridge and bottle rocket moving repitched and distorted slightly.

L laser sounds are a mixture of several software synthesizer sounds, and repitched versions of recorded electrical hum. (these need to be turned up in next update as they are too low in volume in current mod version)

Lock - On sounds are from a porsche dashboard (Oddly fit.....)

I'll update more here as I remember. 


If you have sounds/ideas you think may benefit the mw5 experience, contact me and I can either layer them in (per if they sound great) or use them.

Keep in mind, I know nothing about lore. I'm looking more at the experience of this game itself. War.