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1.3: Nights are actually dark, weather is now realistically harsh (extreme snow is a blizzard), and the ridiculously fast cloud speed is slowed down. This mod is compatible with all known mods. You'll also experience crystal clear days where you can admire the beauty of the maps. More time of day options added to some biomes.

Permissions and credits
This mod gives you a reason to pay attention to your contract details before accepting a mission. Do you hate a specific atmosphere, weather type, or time of day? Then make sure to avoid those when choosing which missions to accept.

1.3 Update
A tiny texture issue was fixed. Previously when a map with None weather was played with Heavy or Extreme atmosphere, the edges of the cockpit glass where you would see raindrops or ice in the appropriate weather conditions would show an odd reflection. This was only recently reported and noticed, but is now fixed.

1.2 Update
The mod had been updated to add more time-of-day options to some biomes. In the vanilla game, volcanic can only be played on night and iron oxide and sulfurous do not have night as an option. Volcanic now has all time-of-day options available and the night option has been added to the iron oxide and sulfurous biomes. New images have been added to showcase volcanic when it's not night - it looks beautiful.

Phil of NGNG has uploaded a mod review of version 1.1. You can watch it here:

Another review of this mod can be viewed here:
More footage of the volcanic biome in daytime:

1.1 Update
The mod has been updated to make night much darker. The vanilla game has a high skylight setting and exposure for night on all biomes. These settings were turned down to get a more realistic light level. It can be nearly impossible to see, especially if there is also severe weather. Night vision helps tremendously. Four images of night vs. night-vision are posted. One has clear weather and the other has extreme snow to show the difference.

For those complaining about not being able to see, too much fog, or anything like that:
The fog settings for clear/trace weather actually have lower fog settings than the vanilla game. The more severe settings like moderate/heavy/extreme have denser fog and more particles. This is both more realistic and also a convenient way to simulate harsh weather. If you've ever been in a blizzard you'll know that the amount of snow blowing around looks almost identical to a thick white fog even only 50 feet away. Accordingly, increasing the fog density is a convenient way to get this result in MW5 without multiplying the particle count by 100, which would be nearly impossible to run on any computer. If you are not a fan of playing in realistic weather then you're free to not use the mod - but do note that that is the exact point of it.

For questions regarding effects on sensors or AI:
There are no dynamic settings for sensors or AI weather effects in the base game. I talked to the lead engineer of PGI and he said they were removed because some people did not like them. They would be difficult to add back in and balance. Adding these effects would also likely conflict with the AI mods that are popular. So no, the weather effects do not alter sensors or AI behavior. This should not be an issue though since you can cut through the effects of nighttime or severe weather by using night vision. If you want a "reasonable" explanation of why the AI still has good aim in extreme weather, assume they're smart enough to be using night vision just like you.

Do you want to experience fighting in realistic weather? Downpours of rain? Blizzard conditions? Crystal clear days? No weather but thick atmospheric fog? Then this mod is for you.

It required very minor changes but provides a huge quality and realism boost to the game. It should be compatible with all mods. As you can see in the images I've posted, it looks significantly more realistic than the base game. It also provides more variety to the missions and in my opinion makes it a lot more fun to fight in the harsher weather conditions - just like these fights could be if they were real.

Tip: Night vision is actually helpful for once. It cuts through the haze to provide a better view in certain conditions. Be wary though, some weather can make it a tough fight no matter what. Night vision during a blizzard can still be hard to see with.

Simply download the files and place the folder into the MW5Mercs/Mods folder where you have the game installed. You can select the mod from
the "Mods" menu in MW5.

Please endorse this mod if you like it or think that others will enjoy it. I hope to reach as wide an audience as
possible so that more people can enjoy MW5.

Despite the increased particle count for severe weather, I did not notice any performance decrease. However, if you're on a low or minimum spec system then the more severe weather options may be noticeable. If so, please leave a comment on this mod so I can at least have an idea of the impact.