MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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This mod toggles the rate at which time passes in-mission from normal to 2X.

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Tired of trudging 5km in your Annihilator in those late game raid missions?  Tired of waiting for your teammates to catch up?  This mod is for you!

Use Shift+T to double the passage of time.  Use it again to restore normal time.  You must have at least one squad member for this mod to work.


Using the mod is straightforward.  While in-mission, use Shift + T to toggle the rate at which time passes between normal and 2X.  While accelerated time is active, a visual indicator that overwrites the "ORDER ALL" text in the HUD will appear in red text stating "2X TIME".  This does not affect your ability to issue squad commands or any other facet of the game.  See caveats below for customizing which keys you can use to toggle time acceleration.

Note that if you end a mission with accelerated time on, it may carry over into cut sequences and walking around in the mech bay.  It will not reset until you reload a save game or start another mission.

Due to the current state of the MW5 Unreal Engine editor, which prevents clean inclusion of custom keyboard inputs and makes modifying baseline components of the game overly complex complex and time consuming, the time dilation functionality has been tied to a minor component of the in-mission UI.  This should ensure compatibility with other mods until PGI releases an updated editor that will enable a better implementation.

The drawback to this approach is twofold:
  • The mod will only work if you have at least 1 squad member.  This is because the UI component leveraged, chosen to ensure compatibility with Navid A1's HUD mod, does not exist without a squad member.
  • An existing key mapping had to be used.  I chose what I suspect is little used: the Target Previous Enemy control, which is Shift + T by default.  You can remap that as anything you like in the Options -> Controls screen from the title menu.

This has not been tested in co-op mode, so I have no idea whether this will work in multiplayer.

v1.1 - Fixes a bug that could result in the mission starting with accelerated time enabled