MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

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Re-scales the mechs across the board to become more consistent with how mass and volume work, which is also close to lore proportions.

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This mod MUST be installed the traditional way through Paks folder (and not through in game mod manager)


 - All mechs and tracked vehicles are re-scaled to be consistent with their mass

 - Improved gameplay feel and sense of scale

 - A lot more places can now be used as cover, as it should have been

 - Time to Kill (TTK) is increase due to smaller profile of targets

 - Modified the deployment screen for a closer view of your mechs

 - Reference mech is the commando which remains on a 1:1 scale in this mod

 - Animations are adjusted to match the new scale (Note: you may see some foot sliding at max speeds for some very slow assault mechs... this is intentional since speeding the animation up will make them look goofy and ugly)

 - Leg Inverse Kinematics is active for all mechs (This mod includes all the changes that are in the stand-alone IK mod... by installing this mod you won't need the IK mod anymore)

 - Nightstar uses a new from scratch run forward animation (some more mechs will receive some new animations depending on my free time)

- Copy the provided *.pak file in:
..\Epic Games\MW5Mercs\MW5Mercs\Content\Paks

- Major conflict with any mod that modifies DerivedMech asset. The mod that is loaded last (through file name) takes priority.
- Minor Animation conflict with mods that change Mech_ABP asset