MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Adds Arrow IV to the game, as well as the Bombardier BMB-05A, BMB-10D, and BMB-12D, Catapult CPLT-C3, and UM-R60AIV.

Permissions and credits
Many thanks to everyone helping, especially Cszolee.

This mod installs in the mod folder, and adds the artillery missile/ballistic slot types (10 criticals in 1.0, 15 for Arrow IV, 30 for LongTom), modifies the Catapult, King Crab, and Urbanmech HPS files, and SHOULD have them spawn in extremely rarely in 3044+ gameplay.  All mechs are usable in instant action.  Weapons may be removed and reinstalled, but as of 4/10, I am still working with having them show up in the mechlab properly.  Ammo switching is not yet implemented.

1. This mod does not change LOS or range restrictions for commands, so expect to only reach out as far as you can target via allies.  Positioning them forward gives some enhanced lock-on ability.  Dumb-fire will only fire out to approximately 1km.

2. This mod does NOT work with the Fixed Dropship Weapons mod, but as writing this, works with Time Overhaul and TT Rulez AI, as well as the following in the old pak folder:
  Navid's HUD
  Better Spawns
  Right Click to Remove
  Better Mech Descriptions
  GDL Paint Dropship [I assume the others]
  Leopard Expanded v2.1
  Save Paint Scheme
  Career Mode v1.2
  Improved Information

3. Future release of this mod may include Sniper and Thumper, as well as custom variants with each.

4.  The Urbanmech is not completely official due to later technologies.  The King Crab 0000ATT is my own custom variant; runs hot.

5.  Aside from 1.0, The Arrow IV on the Catapult is homing for 20 pinpoint damage.  The Urbanmech uses HE.  The King Crab uses Copperhead for 30 pinpoint.

6.  The Bombardier uses HE ammo (VERY viable) and the new Rocket Launchers. It no longer shows as an Archer.

7. If you are running this and Grayson's Variant Mod, you will need the most recent files, and may need to adjust mod load order. This should be loaded after the variant mod.