MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Changes the 3 unique pilots (Freeman, Shenzeng, Fenstrom) to have 60 max level. Only applies to newly acquired pilots!

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Changes the three unique pilots (Leon Freeman, Dimitri Shenzeng, Louise Fenstrom) to have a maximum level of 60 (10 for all skills). Also lowers Fenstrom's salary to 20000.

Only applies to newly acquired pilots in the campaign - if you have them already on the roster, their stats won't change.
Pilot data, including their max level is stored in the savegame, if you already have these pilots, you need to start a new campaign and get them again. Or edit the savegame with a hex editor.

This mod is included in my "Yet Another Mech" mod 0.86 and newer.

Unpack the MaxLevelUniquePilots folder in the zip to your MW5Mercs\Mods directory.
Use in-game Mod Manager to enable / disable the mod.