Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries
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This mod changes many aspects of the various weapons in the game, differing slot sizes, cost, damage, etc. To more resemble their tabletop counterpart.

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This mod modifies many aspects about nearly every weapon in the game. This is mostly a test of concept as i don't know enough about the game's inner workings to really tear it apart and do what i want with it. Most of these changes include changing the equipment image of the weapons, adjusting slot size, cost, range, damage, and attempts at balances around these changes.


Core.mw4 - contains all stat changes. necessary for mod's changes to take place.

Props.mw4 - contains all UI changes. Highly recommended as changes made to stats conflict with original UI.

Textures.mw4 - fixed graphical error of all pulse laser types being blue. Not necessary but included for convenience. (removed by 0.3, bloated file size)


Weapon Ranges - All weapons had their range adjusted to match their maximum range in tabletop X30 to adjust for scale. (as of 0.2)

Hardpoints - Weapon Hardpoint has been pseudo altered. Though still renaming the same at its core, graphically it far more resembles critical slots. All except missile and ballistic hardpoints remain unchanged.

Ballistic Hardpoints - 1hp = 1-2crit, 2hp = 3-4crit, 3hp = 5-6crit, 4hp = 7-8crit, 5hp = 9-10crit, 6hp = 11-12crit, 7hp = 13-15crit.

Missile Hardpoints - 1hp = 1crit, 2hp = 2-3crit, 3hp = 4-5crit, 4hp 6-7crit, 5hp = 12-15crit. (the large jump is because there are no mechs with missile hardpoints larger than 5 and the only missile weapon larger that 7 criticals is the Arrow IV)

Prices - Weapon cost has been adjusted to match as best as possible to tabletop rules. no more seemingly random scrawls of value.

Tonnage - Same goes with tonnage, if the weapon has ammunition +1 ton is added on top.

Ammunition - ammunition has been adjusted to as closely possible match the ammo per ton in Battletech.


Linked Capacitor PPC -TO- Heavy PPC with Capacitor - There is no such thing as a linked capacitor so i tried replacing the weapon with other ppcs, eventually coming to the conclusion that no change really made sense other than Heavy PPC with capacitor, otherwise it would not be reasonably different from the other PPCs. (as of 0.2)

Large Continuous Beam Laser -TO- Micro Pulse Laser - The large Beam Laser basically was a micro pulse laser with unreasonably long range. The change felt obvious.

Assault Laser -TO- Binary Laser Cannon - Same as the Beam Laser, it's basically a weapon that already exists under a different name.

Clan Flamer -TO- Clan ER Flamer - Having two flamers being identical in all ways but a single half ton seemed odd to me, so i swapped it for the ER Flamer. (as of 0.2)

Thunder LRM 20 -TO- Thunderbolt 20 - Thunder LRM ammo in battletech is a minelaying weapon, the weapon's description in game has more in common with the Tbolt 20 than LRM 20.

Streak MRM -TO- Streak LRM - there are no Streak MRM in battletech but there are Streak LRM.

Clan RAC 10/20 -to- Clan RAC 2/5 - I couldn't find any RAC 10/20 in battletech but the clans did have RAC 2/5.

1 Crit slot Machineguns -TO- 4/5 Crit slot Machinegun Arrays - the game states that they are MG Arrays, so this change just made sense to me.


PPCs have Zero velocity in campaign. (operates correctly in instant action, online not tested)


due to the changes put in place some loadouts are no longer possible. For example Heavy Gauss Rifles no longer fit on the Fafnir, and the Long Tom can only fit on the Behemoth II and Marauder II.