Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword

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The Role play / Decorative map formerly used by the CHoHu clan. It consists of few areas that include : Village, Town, Poverty district, Arena, The Castle itself.
Join the most immerse Wfas experience thanks to many features that include :
Lockable Homes
Fully functional Jail
Custom made accessible homes
Arenas, shoot

Permissions and credits
Features :
Chohu castle is a Roleplay map, that is very detailed on many aspects.  The caste itself is impenetrable fortress that can be easily defended against numerous enemies, just by a handful of troops. (The same aspect makes Death match create some intesnse fights resembling the king of the hill. 

There are few accessible homes, that are decorated to indicate which player did they belong to, the individual homes can be locked by switching the hidden winch. Some rooms were just cleaned in order to give them a new owner, they can be easily edited to personalize them to your own players. 

Arena is fully functional for : Melee fights, Shooting tournaments, Throwing tournaments and jousting tournaments. 

Jail area contains of four cells, each of them can be opened and closed by someone outside the cell, and one main gate, that requires a long time to open or close. Putting a prisoner inside the jail, requires at least two players. - This area is great for some Jail break scenarios, where a group of players attacks to save their fellows. 

Also The CHoHu castle contains a few secrets, that are common knowledge to CHoHu members, if any of them plays on your map, expect them to find themselves in the most unbelievable places. 

The map will provide you with at least an hour of exploring, and with just a little imagination - countless hours of gameplay. 

As long as you leave me the credit for creating the map, IT CAN FREELY BE USED IN ANY MODS, ESPECIALLY THE ROLEPLAY ONES.

Technical info and requirements!

This map is huge! it uses thousands of props, it not only may, but will force lag on weaker computers, also the map may be forced to lose stability and crash the server.  No damage will be done however, and everything will be working just fine after the server is reset.

Poul Mod is NOT required to use that map, though it is highly recommended. 

Also keep in mind, that this map used custom scene_props.txt file created by myself, that changed props on the map. This file will NOT be downloadable, since it was my personal playground and is not safe to use by someone with no moding experience!

Though I recommend implementing some fixes to the default props and that is :
Increase time required to open earth_Sally doors.
Decrease amount of time required to open the door_destructible

With this the map will become more enjoyable to play.