Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword
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This mod will make it so that all the helmets and hats in game that don't cover the whole head will show hair underneath them. No more baldies everywhere!

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[size=6pt]Now We Have Hair![/size]

I started playing Fire and Sword again and it immediately got on my nerves that everyones a bald son-bitch when they put a helmet on. So much in fact that I went through and fixed the problem with the module system just so I could do a new playthrough. This will make all helmets and hats in game that should be showing hair actually show hair and fit correctly on the head.

If your playing a female character NOT ALL FEMALE HAIRS will fit under the helmets. Since there aren't really any female NPCs in the game and its really just going to be the player character who might be female and wearing hats/helms, I left all the female hairs in so that each player could simply decide to use one of the hairs that work under the hats, or one that doesn't depending on each players preference.

[size=4pt]Whats Been Done[/size]
-Changed all the hats/helms that should show hair to have the "itp_doesnt_cover_hair" modifier in "".
-Re-sized and fitted all the hats/helms in game that should show hair to fit over most hairs in the game.
-Replaced the couple of hairs that were too big with duplicates of other hair that worked with the helmets.
-Changed the hair of many of the NPC troops so that they aren't bald or using stupid looking hairs that don't show from under the helms.
-Added a couple male hairs to females that seemed ok for females and resized a couple female hairs to fit under the helmets.

[size=4pt]New Module? Can I Use it on the Current Game?[/size]
No, this isn't an entirely new module and can simply be installed into your Native WFaS module. You do not need to start a new game, it will take effect immediately. :wink:

-Download the file
-Open the ZIP file
-Navigate to your WFaS folder
-Look at the contents of this mods folder and backup all those files in your WFaS folder (REALLY DO IT! YES YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DON'T!)
-Seriously I mean it, backup all the files that this mod is going to overwrite.
-After backing up all the files double check to make sure ALL the files are backed up. :lol:
-Throw the mod folder into your WFaS Folder and overwrite all files.