Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword
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Well... actually it's more like a fix, or patch than a real mod. Generally it rebalnces multiplayer game and adds more armors/weapons to choose among them (All of which were in Single Player, so mod is 100% lore friendly, good for no-new-addons-freaks like me).

Please read long description for details.

Permissions and credits

- Overall reprice of every helmet/armor ingame, mostly the price is 3x total armor value (exluding MP items for sweden, khanate, and cossacks)
- Every helmet/armor/glove/boots and a large part of weapons are added to multiplayer (as a base, not all of them are in char selection screen (yet), but with it, finishing the mod should take only a few hours)
- 80 new items added to Moscow and Poland (I never knew it was already that much O_o)
A lot of low tier items for low gold settings, and also few really expensive sets, you won't any longer have problems what to do with all the money while having stats 16/3
- Spears are now a bit slower, and can be thrown to deal massive damage. Be warned though, you will not be able to pick it up anymore, even if you miss.
- Muskets are less accurate, take slightly longer time to reload. Now the stronger the musket the longer it takes to reload it!
- Muskets can be used while riding a horse, don't know why would you do that... but you can. You can not reload while mounted!
- Muskets are now less effective against shields.
- Infantry and musketeers who could ride a dobbin, can spawn with it now. It costs 1000 talers, but suit yourself.
- Musketeers can now wear medium armors, for a price of course. (German line musketeer, New line musketeer. Its all around 20 body armor )
- Few armors come in 2 - 3 colors, but with the same stats. No more army of the clones I hope.

- Polish infantry can use thrown weapons like stones and knifes.
- Polish musketeers can no longer spawn with sabers, they have knifes and axes now. Oh yeah there's a pretty strong military scythe, but its expensive.
- Polish cavalry sabers are now holstered on the back, they can spawn with konchar or rich Hussar lance.
- Moscow infantry has heavy sabers now, these are slower but deal more dmg. They have hand-crafted berdische, and few two handed axes for those who can't afford military stuff.
- Moscow Musketeers have nothing exciting at all, just a lot more clothes from (2 to 7) New line armor as their best.
- Moscow cavalry can wear full East Warrior set (East Helmet(Kalmuk), East Brigantine, East Boots, East Sabre, East Bow, East Arrows.), there is also a Tzar robe and helmet, for event purposes only.
- Moscow Charging Horse dmg upgrade from 18 to 28.

Check out TaleWorlds form for changelog, news and comments :