Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword

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H.o.H. is a Native Ogniem i Mieczem addod, made in order to improove the gameplay and make the game more enjoyable.

Permissions and credits
H.o.H. is an addon for MB WFaS 1.143

It should be installed to MB WFaS/Modules/Ogniem i Meiczem/ 'here',exept the music files, but you will see it later, if you read it through.

-polearms now are not visible on back when aren't wearing

-arms are a bit longer (sabres from95 to 105 ; small weapons from 40-55 to 60-75)

-some new weapons,made by me (ivanhoe95) : throwing weapons and a lithuanian hero's 2handler

-new armors, made by me ,too (all connected to hussars)

-new mercenaries from all across Europe,and some Polish mercenaries,including household Hussars.
I made them available from Merc.Cav. because I was annoyed that my party didn't have any Hussars in the game,and I couldn't train them...only if I have a town...

-much stronger NPCs. Now they are heroes,as NPCs should have be,not clumsy sissy-boys.

-player is stronger at the beginning of the game ( maybe dont fall from a single pistol shot.)

-new music, taken and converted from the Ogniem i Mieczem film and Hubal film by me

- 1:The very first step is to make BACKUP from the following files: in game folder/music folder: fight_2 ; fight_3 ; fight_as_mounted 1 and 2

-2: make backup from these files in the Native (.../MB WFaS/Modules/Ogniem i Mieczem/among these)folder : troops.txt ; module.ini ; Resource folder (not necessary,if empty) and item_kinds1.txt

-3: Good.Now exract the file that you have downloaded,and put the four ogg music files to the GAME'S Music folder (NOT to the mod's!!!)

-4: put all remaining files to the MOD'S FOLDER (and overwrite,if you have just copied the backups)

-5: have fun,play :) (you must start a new game, no save game compatilible)