Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword

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There is no more "small tweak", WFAS Enhancement submod instead (standalone).

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There is no more "small tweak", WFAS Enhancement submod instead (standalone).

List of changes.


1.) Prussian units was removed, customizable troops appear.
2.) You can train your troops and choose your elite (talk with castellan).
3.) Autoorders to fallback at close distance for marksmen/skirmish for ranged
cavalry/advance and charge.
Note: not necessary to use menu for giving order, you can select group (or all troops) and press needed key (but to change formation, you still need menu).
4.) Removed PBOD (cause version for WFaS bugged), but Formations/FormAI, “brace
pikes” and “volley” orders still there and works correctly.
Note: Pike bracing troop remove pike only when attacked or order canceled.
5.) Various combat schemes for AI (FormAI, NativeAI, + two simple schemes). Lot
of tweaks.
- Random events for AI factions (which make them stronger).
- Hussar lances breaking, unhorsing, falling after blow scripts.
- Native firearms speed, you can use firearms at melee again.
- You can turn on better blocking option for swordsmen lords or for all (a bit
better blocking, but option is not recommended).
- Another tweaks and bugfixes.


1.) New textures and models tweaks + some new items.
2.) Colored lightning and fog.
3.) New skyboxes (from “small tweak”), now with HDR support.
4.) Another HDR settings.
5.) More elements from Polished Landscapes, another terrain borders (from “small
tweak”) and new cosmetic tweaks.

Version 1.86. Roullete for handcrafted items (random modificator), opportunity to change commander, bodysliding for custom battles. New mod options - you can disable annoying weekly notifications about taxes and gold usage, enable or disable muskets using for AI in close combat and another options. New fixes - hussar lance damage reduced to original, grenade damage will raise with skill, no winged hussars in sieges (but lords, NPCs and player will be in winged armors, if they have them), cap for learning enabled (but you can disable it through cheat), bandit camps now attackable by kingdom lords and another.

Quickfix - version 1.86a. Grenade using fix for troops, option to see inventory of companions, small fix for quickbattles, two new animations for castellan and guards. Save game compatible.

WFAS Enhanced Unofficial is standalone submod for WFAS Enhanced (no need to install original mod) . Unpack archive and copy submod folder to your WFaS\Modules folder. That's all.

Submod is OSP.
My textures, model tweaks and code – OSP, don’t need to ask permission. If you want to use not usual model of pikeman, you need to credit
Broken_one also (part of armor). You need to give a credit for original author, if you are planning to use something else.

Note. If you don't like faster map speed, you can change it in module.ini (module folder) - "time_multiplier" string. Original speed = 0.25.

Original topic - Taleworlds. Check it to get ru translation for Steam version also.