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  • Mountblade basketbal new instruction

    instruction:I/ Buttons in battle:
    Long press W+Z together for layup,
    Press B to shoot near the cue area and press v to deliver or throw ball,
    Press M to switch to match mode (full court/half court)
    Press the H key to restore blue quantity,
    Press left-Ctrl to speed up the run,
    Press THE J key to release the Impact ability while possessing the basketball,
    Press T to switch your perspective,
    Press the N key switch the observer pattern, with the first player to swap as a reserve force column, but someone must be on the pitch at dribbling mode (the ball is in no one to control conditions such as idle, layup, shooting), the observer mode press the mouse button can be stable lens (ensure stable in substitute, otherwise it will smooth mobile lens m...

  • Mount and blade Warband mod --warcraft III vs red alert III version v1.61


    Since mod renamed as warcraft 3VS Red Alert 3 mod after V0.920, most of the things envisaged before the name change were implemented, but please refer to the details below.You can not only see the characters and buildings of classic games like Red Alert, DOTA league of Heroes, Warcraft Counter-Strike Half-Life, but also see its gameplay. I want to connect them all together in a reasonable way, and make a real game that scares me so much that I don't know what game I'm playing.


    Due to frequent updates, the control mode is constantly changed and optimized, but I am lazy to sort out and summarize the latest overall con...

  • mount blade warband kof mod


    the mod is use 2d role to fight with 3d role.
    player will born as Iori Yagami--a 2d dynamic pic role.
    the movement key control is same to native but in addition, if you double clicked w when lori face right or double click a if lori face left, your 2d role will swith to fast run animation.
    the attack key is still to click left mouse.
    after v0.52,the skill key control is changed to click right mouse and the defend key is changed to mouse roll up/down.
    click-key-m is to mirror your role pic ,but if someone attack you,you will be autoed to mirror pic as kof performs.
    click-key-v is laugh
    click-key-left-alt is to help your rotate your camera to see the real 2d role in different degree.
    click-key-e is to collect energy and click-key-r is to burst ...

  • Mount and blade Warband mod --dragonball z vegeta version v0.95

    Mount and blade Warband mod --dragonball z vegeta version v0.95

    1. Displacement button:
    Base displacement:
    w/ a /s /d /r/ left-ctrl is the key to move up, down, left and right (walking without r/ctrl), mainly used for the current three displacement modes of walking/flying/teleport.
    Press and hold V + click on any movement direction key to teleport in this direction, it is best not to press it in reverse.
    Switching of sprint displacement mode:
    Double-click to move quickly, but I was lazy and determined that it is also possible to quickly press the last move button with different two movement keys to trigger fast movement.
    Switch between walking and flying:
    The fl...

  • Perisno 1.4.4 Changelog

    - Holding R in party management screen and clicking Take will send all wounded troops into the garrison while refilling your party with unwounded troops
    - Azure Keep
    - Fixed a bug with Gral Castle
    - Bounty Target at Turan has been moved
    - You can now enter the prison of Falcon's Pride
    - Minor improvements to navmesh in Saccar Camp
    - Re-added Disband for Perisno Army
    - Reintroduced Horse Archery AI Toggle
    - Lyre/Lute sounds in Taverns have been removed
    - Travelling Dwarf has a higher chance to spawn
    - Foraging for food has been moved to night triggers
    - Murdenholl tournaments now spawns with a sword or axe
    - Reference page shows base and current wage for troops
    - Lords who are married can no longer de...

  • I edited Custom Character Creation a little bit to my likings.

    I tried to modify another Moded game.

    The file script and string are  based on Custom Character Creation.
    Extra Items, Troops, Texture, Banners  were added.
    Other files that I integrated here were from other Moded Warband Version such as Kingdom of Calradia, Diplomacy 5.3, Rise of the Undead, Perisno and etc.

    Credit to the owner  of all files <3
    Thank you for your wonderful work....

  • Sounds Problem in World Map... FIXED

    FIXED!  Annoying horse travel sound in world map. Annoying Battlecry sound effect in world map while travelling. (Travelling/Resume Travelling)
    Native or Diplomacy Version 1.153 to 1.171
    Error Message from Module System Sound
    Allocating identifiers... FAILED.
    undeclared identifiers found in module source:
    New Added Code: (Sound.txt) Notepad
     woman_yell_1.ogg 2432
     woman_yell_2.ogg 2432
     man_stun_1.ogg 2096
    snd_woman_die 160 2 422 0 423 0 
    snd_woman_yell 2432 2 424 0 425 0 
    snd_man_breath_hard 2096 15 613 ...

  • Perisno 1.4.1 Chaneglog

    Version 1.4.1 Changelog...



  • Perisno Changelog

    v. Changelog:
    Qin Min is back, not whoever that lady was
    Zolona’s Messiahs have their correct faction
    Companions no longer leave your party, for sure this time (option is toggled on by default)
    Overworld optimizations

    v1.3.6 Changelog:
    Anhera Kaiyrithe will no longer require you to ask Eriallen Krysanna for permission for marriage, and will elope with you instead
    You can now forfeit looter quest
    Red text spam after looting a village is gone
    Zann Fort no longer uses the player’s banner
    No more relations loss when attacked by deserters
    Mercenary Guild no longer spawns patrols indefinitely
    Warmonger Greaves appear properly now in crafted armor
    Ral’Daiun Assassins attacking Venetor no ...

  • My Reshade for Warband

    100% works with the Reworked Textures

    Available here




  • Perisno v1.3.5.1 Changelog:

    v1.3.5.1 Changelog: 

    Re-enabled the Training Grounds
    Falcons no longer have peasant rebels
    Added a goodbye dialogue to Entertainment Guildsman
    Added an option to forfeit the "Deal with Looters" quest
    Moving the Right Control to Left Control for withdrawing and depositing aurums into your fief
    When donating to the Priests of Maccan, you lose an equal amount of relations with the opposing religion
    Lend your Companion quest has been removed until further evaluation due to companions being lost for eternity

    Tamaris is no longer Katrin
    Tumatarhun town scene now has a tower in its town scene, and not just the siege scene

    Weeping Moon has reduced power throw from 8 to 4, throwing damage increased fro...

  • Gameplay guide - PLotR 2.0

    Tutorial videos:
    Updated world map (41 servers):



  • The last straight

    After playing for a while I realized that some textures of clothing was basic definition and without normalmap (relief), because these are outfits usually reserved for the NPC, for the moment I managed only to make slightly thinner, but I will do my best to enhance them to the maximum in order to reduce the gap with the other textures rework. Apart from that nothing to report, however if you observe any problems do not hesitate to tell me, it is thanks to the message of chrispaulfuqua that I could see the bug of the missing textures. So thank you.

    In the meantime enjoy the new Sun, new Hair and new Particles that are the big additions of the latest version in addition to fixing missing textures.


  • The Pre-Final Version is Here (2.3.5-Beta)

    Hi all, after recoloring, improving and resizing textures and light/reflection, I have only a few small details left like particles such as smoke and dust before arriving at the final version that will surely be next.


  • Sorry for the two last HotFix (2.1.1 - 2.1.2)

    I find two problems, the first with the hegihtmap and the normalmap and the second with the hair, sorry for its two upload, at least it proves that it's moving fast, besides the final version will be ready soon. Thank you for the downloads and Enjoy!...

  • Consistency of Texture Sizes

    For best result now the walls, the floor and the environment are in 2048
    the body, wood, horses and full armor are in 1024
    the faces, objects, parts of armors, weapons and others are in 256 or 512
    It's visually much better, this allows, among other things, to have more detail on the dark areas, feel free to tell me what you think.

    Thank you


  • Color Grading and MIP Mapping

    New Color Grading and MIP Mapping
    This will be available in the next update with some other UI improvements



  • Beta of the Reworked Textures for Waband

    Hi all ! I decided to improve the textures of the game in order to refine it without distorting it and without asking for more resources.

    After 10+ Hours of Works I Improved 95% textures of the games, This is beta I guess I would have some correction to make.

    If some things are not going to please report it.

    More screenshots later, don't hesitate to suggest some.