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Replaces the ingame item Leather Jerkin with a new model

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This small Osp replaces the vanilla game Leather Jerkin with a different model. It is shaped more in line with late Middle Ages and Renaissance jerkins

-The model uses the same material and texture as the standard leather jerkin ( so any retexture will affect it
-The model is still somewhat rough, specially the arms. Expect a improvement on future versions
- Instalation: drop the .brf file inside the Resources directory on the desired module. If you want it to affect most of your mods, add it to the CommonRes folder where your Mount&Blade game is installed. Replace any file if it asks you so;

NOTE: for safety reasons, the meshes for the old armor are still on the file, named as:


If for some reason you don't like the work and want the old jerkin back, just open the file with OpenBrf, remove the # from the meshes mentioned above and then delete the following meshes:


After this, save the file. Don't worry about any warning that may shown up, it will not screw up your game :)

About usage in other mods: Since it is OSP, you are free to modify, retexture and add it to whatever mod you want, as long as:
-You give credits to JhonBrazil, who did most of the modelling. I've simply put the file together and published it, upon his request
-You credit Fredelios (the OSP that contained the mesh for the pants of this armor, Mtarini for OpenBrf (Used to create and assemble the mesh)