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No More Thrust is a simple mod that removes thrust attacks from weapons that only lose on it.

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A simple singleplayer mod for native game that removes thrust attacks from weapons, and as a bonus i added Masterwork modifier for all weapons that did not have it before.

Weapons with removed thrust attack :

- Swords 2h & 1h
- Daggers
- Maces 2h & 1h (if they have before)
- Axes 2h & 1h (if they have before)

And modify Polearm weapons, so some have only thrust and other has only swing attack.

Only Swing :

- Staff 
- Quarter Staff
- Iron Staff
- Voulge
- Warhammer
- Polehammer
- Long Berdiche
- Great Long Berdiche
- Glaive
- Scythe
- Military Scythe
- Hafted Blade (both versions)
- Poleaxe
- Long Spiked Club
- Long Hafted Spiked Mace
- Long Hafted Knobbed Mace

Only Thrust :

- Pitch Fork
- Military Fork
- Battle Fork
- Spear
- Shortened Spear
- War Spear
- Boar Spear
- Bamboo Spear
- Pike
- Ashwood Pike
- Awlpike
- Long Awlpike
- Lance
- Light Lance
- Jousting Lance
- Double Sided Lance
- Heavy Lance
- Great Lance
- Spiked Staff

Instalation :Unzip mod, Put text file called "item_kinds1" in to "Native" folder it should looks like: MountBlade Warband/Modules/Native.

Mod should work with older saves.