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- Ettenrocal - Khamukkamu - Seek n Destroy

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This is a submod for FantasyWarrior's 1429 mod for Warband. It was released some years back but since then it has been deleted. Some requested for this mod to come back, I can't find any download online so I'm just uploading it myself. IM NOT THE DEVELOPER OF THIS MOD I'M MERELY MAKING IT PUBLIC FOR DOWNLOAD. I'll take it down if the devs so wish

Permissions and credits
Taken from the official mod page on Talewords:

A Submod for 1429 Hundred Years War by FantasyWarrior

Major Changes:

  • Complete Port of the Module System to WB 1.171
  • Uses (most of) WB 1.71 Scripts and Triggers
  • Uses some of VC Scripts & Triggers
  • Uses Lav's WRECK compiler

New Features:
  • Motomataru's Formations / FormAI (VC Version)
  • Taragoth's Freelancer with major improvements by me
  • VC Troop Tree Presentation
  • hoboistice's spear changes
  • Some TLD scripts
  • New Troop Tree balance
  • Added Noble Line for the other factions
  • The Bowman's Custom Battle Scenes
  • 100% English Translation

Freelancer Changes:

Modify 'Fast-Forward' Speed while enlisted
  • Roaming around the map can be quite boring, so you can speed things up a bit
Freelancer Missions
  • Your commander gives you missions every now and then, so that the player is not just waiting on things to happen
  • Difficulty of Missions depend on your level & freelancer rank.
Become your Lord's Sergeant / Captain
  • At a certain rank, your lord will ask you to become a sergeant / captain, providing you troops to control during battle
  • Your rank will determine how many troops you get to control
Allow / Prevent Desertion
  • Preventing desertion means that when vacation / mission time is up, you automatically get 'teleported' to your commander
Advanced / Simple Rank Upgrade
  • Basically, a difficulty modifier for rising through the ranks.
  • Simple / Easy or Advanced / Hard (which is a better formula for upgrading imo).

 For First Release:

- Codebase Changes (100% complete)
- English Translation (100% complete)
- Freelancer FastForward Speed (Completed)
- Freelancer Sergeant / Captain (Completed)
- Freelancer PreventDesertion (Completed)
- Freelancer Advanced / Simple Ranking System
- Other Faction's Noble Line (100% complete, thanks to Ettenrocal)
- at least 15 Freelancer missions (currently 9 implemented and tested)
- Historical Lord Names (50% complete)
Native Scenes Replacement (0% complete)