Mount & Blade: Warband
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An enhancement pack for Prophesy of Pendor 3.9.5

Permissions and credits
Pendor Enhanced

For the the most up to date info and an automated installer head to the GitHub page!

Applied Tweaks
1. Spawns and Parties
- Be able to take Maltise's Asp Throwing Axes and Wolfbode the Slayer's axe for yourself when they get captured - credits to BananaFruit
- Change the circumstances of unique spawns deciding to sack a town (25 percent chance/check every 12 hours) - credits to Dalion and Половець
- Add automatic notification messages about the location of unique spawns and minor faction armies (once a day) - credits to Leonion
- Change the cost of the sighting report info about spawns from 2000 to 500
- Change the level-multiplier of the player determining the size of various parties on the map (From 4 to 5) - credits to Dalion
- Change the patrolling radius of various patrols (From 5 to 3) - credits to Vetrogor
- Prevent Noldor parties from attacking caravans, farmers and militia patrols - credits to Leonion and Fandom User (anonymous)
- Make cattle move faster on the world map - credits to TheMageLord
- Count the amount of enemy and allied units next to you on the world map - credits to VonDegurechaff
2. Knighthood Orders
- Be able to create KO chapters in any walled fief of your own kingdom - credits to SirArtyr, Leonion and VonDegurechaff
- Overhaul of KO upgrade system - credits to Leonion
- Change the rate and the limit of the free KO garrison reinforcement to match AI - credits to Vetrogor and CRASHS
- Change the amount, size, and frequency of KO patrols - credits to Timon and Leonion
- Receive an honorary reward for conquering the Snake Cult Stronghold for the knighthood order you joined - credits to VonDegurechaff
3. Custom Knighthood Order
- Unlock Sarleon and Ravenstern Armored Warhorses for your CKO - credits to VonDegurechaff
4. Honor and Renown
5. Relations
- Make Inquisition rightfully hostile towards Singalians and Outlaws too
- Change the relation penalty of rejecting an invitation for vassalage (From -3 and -10 to 0 and 0) - credits to Dalion
- Change how often and how much village relation points Schools give after being built (From 1 to 2) - credits to TheMageLord
6. Morale
- Disabled morale trigger (this fixes stutter in large battles) - credits to Vetrogor
7. Tournaments and Arenas
- Arena Scene Overhaul - credits to Adorno
- Add a notification about Noldor Tournaments being held at Elacrai - credits to BananaFruit
- Change the amount of renown, relation, denars and experience you get after winning a tournament (From 2k denars to 5k denars, from 20 renown to 30 renown, from 250exp to 1k exp) - credits to TheMageLord and tommylaw
8. Field and Village Battles
9. Sieges
- Disable siege defenders from charging out - credits to Vetrogor
- Adjust the requirements needed for the defenders to surrender (From 100 and 30 days to 28 and 7 days, Advantage to surrender from 5 and 3 to 8) - credits to Dalion and TheMageLord
10. Battles and Fights in General
- Dynamic reassignment and reequipment - credits to Vetrogor
- Allow crouching and bracing spears
- Enable the advanced formations from With Fire and Sword
- Sort the post-battle kill counter of NPCs in descending order - credits to Vetrogor
11. Loot
- Fix the problem about loot depending on the order of troops killed - credits to Vetrogor, Tingyun and rubik
12. Economy and Prosperity
- Ablility to directly sell garrisoned prisoners to ransom brokers - credits to Dalion
- Increase the prosperity of villages by investing money into them (10k denars spent, 8 relation bonus, 120 prosperity threshold, 60 prosperity bonus, 180 prosperity cap) - credits to Leonion
13. Kingdom and Fief Management
- Add more kingdom colors for the player's faction - credits to DarkOmegaMK2
- Disable the disbanding of troops over lvl 31 from a garrison when assigning the fief to you or your husband - credits to Dalion
- Send troops from your party to any walled fief you own - credits to Leonion and VonDegurechaff
- Change the building time, cost and auto-repairing frequency of fief improvements (Divisor set to 250 (was 150), erased the additional 3 days added on top) - credits to BananaFruit, Damon, and VonDegurechaff
- Be able to build fief improvements without having to visit the given fief - credits to VonDegurechaff
14. Quests
- Make guildmasters always offer another quest once you turn one down - credits to TheMageLord
15. Vassals, Lords and Ladies
- Forbid lords from raiding villages under certain conditions (restriction to lords whose total autocalc strength is less than the target village garrison's autocalc strength and upstanding and good-natured lords never raid villages) - credits to Dalion and VonDegurechaff
- Ransom imprisoned lords from other friendly lords (Fief owner over 40 relation points with you, 5k denars to ransom lord, 10k denars to ransom monarch) - credits to Leonion
- Revise the household troop allocation and add new ones to lords
- Be able to give money to poor friendly lords (2000 wealth threshold, 30 relation threshold, 8 relation boost) - credits to Leonion and VonDegurechaff
- Accessing the equipment of any lord that joined your own faction - credits to Leonion
- Add an option to keep your fiefs while telling your king to release you from your oath to him - credits to Leonion and VonDegurechaff
16. Companions
- Change the hiring cost and personality of companions (hiring costs and some traits changed) - credits to AK47 and Fandom User
- Make the equipment of medium- and high-tier companions great again, and lock their inventories up until certain levels Locked their inventories with the level they have upon hiring them.
- Make all companions contribute their prisoner management skill to the total prisoner limit - credits to Leonion
17. Troops and NPCs
- Overhaul of the system about hiring rescued prisoners (Setup as the default on tweak page) - credits to Timon
- Change which troops are available for hire in taverns and how much does it cost (Made Farmers and Townsmen added to merc list) - credits to Dalion, SPD_Phoenix and The Mercenary
- Add a button leading to the belonging troop tree of each troop's party screen - credits to Vetrogor
- Get the location of all bandit lairs from Brother Randalf - credits to Dalion
18. Items
- Arsenal of Al-Aziz - credits to Gorvexon
19. Skills
20. Cheats
21. Miscellaneous
- Upscaled Faces - credits to Methhead123
- HD Skyboxes2k - credits to GrowlingGuy41
- Optional Font - credits to Saxodragon
- Optional Textures - credits to Saxodragon
- Alternate Ocean and River - credits to AWOIAF
- Shaders - credits to idk, these were grabbed from somewhere
- Polished Landscapes - credits to Vetrogor
- Relocate Sange Safid and Tuldar Fortress to more appropriate locations - credits to Dalion