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A total conversion mod that features a brand new continent and stories to explore with tons of mechanics and systems to interact with.

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The Epic of Faya 0.605 Beta - Brief Gloam
Original Mod Thread

Please make sure your Warband version is greater than 1.171 to prevent CTDs and other issues caused by the engine.
Discord for reporting translation related issues
I may or may not try to write something that looks awesome as a mod introduction here... but I think not really...
I suck at description writing and the original author is too busy to draft something up right now.

Feature list:
  • New faction management system - In a completely different UI as well!
  • Technology tree - Grab all the sweet sweet bonuses!
  • New diplomatic system - Wars are no longer a fight to the death and are more 'gentleman'... for now.
  • New fief management system - Build stuff and upgrade them!
  • New recruitment system - That's tied in with all the buildings!
  • New auto resolve system - No more losing your Royal Guards to looters!
  • Major events - So there is actually a story that progresses! [Not finished though]
  • Eras - What you can do changes depending on what is happening on this land! [Also mostly WIP]
  • Tons of lore and story - I hope I didn't chew through 300k text for yall to ignore it...
  • Retainer corps - Cause we need to have custom troops!
  • New combat mechanics and gears - To reshape the field of battle! [Hyperbole there]
  • Traits - For you and the NPCs!
  • Notes - To record the stories of this land!
  • Battlefield scavenging - Become the vulture!
  • Parties - Find and join them after joining a faction to unlock new troops!
  • Forest Everdark - Explore the dark side of Faya
  • Also a hidden... 'conversation' system that I won't elaborate on

Translator's Rambling:
  • Hey there
  • Mod is not in a complete state. Lore is not complete in the current version and henceforth expect many plotholes unfilled or contradictory information within the mod. Like honestly I've no idea what half of the settings are about cause they are still WIP
  • I've screwed up the usage of nation and country... and am too lazy to fix it so everyone's just a nation
  • Some mechanics doesn't really exist in game atm or anymore, though there may still be tooltips about them that I didn't manage to catch
  • This release - .605s - incorporates a community bug fix 'S' patch that has certain gameplay changes, also I've put in a bit changes myself as well so emmmm yeah, later versions WILL play differently than this community patched version.
  • This version is probably filled with typos and grammar errors cause I'm translating on Excel... Please post any errors you find via a screenshot somewhere I can see. [Look up for discord]
  • I've also been given and took a good amount of liberties in the translation. Many nuances are either re-interpreted or changed all together and will probably remain so until the mod's lore is all finished.
  • I suck at descriptive writing, so when there's a ton of descriptions in the text I either omit half of them (killing off the nuances), or do a poor job of conveying them.
  • GPT and Grammarly was used for references for parts of the text, the other parts I was probably too lazy to check with either tools. Also GPT just doesn't work well enough and tends to translate everything literally, while Grammarly makes everyone speak in the same tone.
  • Enjoy!