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If AWIOAF is too hard for you, use this patch to lower the difficulty of your game. Be warned that the game is still as challenging as before. The difference is that it makes the game less frustrating to play. Check the description below.

Permissions and credits
AWIOAF is rather notorious for its (unreasonably) high difficulty it presented toward even the most experienced of all Warband players. This patch will help lower the difficulty to the point that it will provide a less frustrating experience to the players, but still provide an ample amount of challenge similar to the difficulty in Floris Mod Pack 2.55.


=> Reworked troops trees for all. You can check the images for more details. Also include unique troops which can be upgraded from Top-Tiers Troops (It used to be previously available pre-V8.0 AWIOAF, but the mod author has removed it for some reason unknown to me. I just simply restored it back).

=> (Mods V1.6 Changelog) Add slingers to the bandit troops trees. Lot of bug fixes in the troop trees. Also, increase the shot speed of the bows held by the top-tier archers so they will outrange their lower-tier archers' counterparts.

=> (Mods V1.7 Changelog) Add new troops in troops trees! More bug fixes. Hopefully, there is nothing left to fix afterward. Consider this patch to be final.

=> (NEW) (Mods V1.8 Changelog) Fix every single bug in the troops' trees I could think of. Also, make all weapons usable on horseback. Increase the accuracy and the speed of projectiles shot by ranged weapons in order to offset the (I think) accuracy penalty in AWOIAF due to the mod being based on the "Warband - Viking Conquest" module, which nerfed all ranged weapons to nearly laughable state. If nothing else, I will quit updating this mod.

=> Half the troops level from all troops in troops trees, thus making it much easier and cheaper to train and upgrade soldiers for combat. Lowering the troops' level also means paying a less weekly wage to them as well.

=> Set all companions level to 1. Again, making it much easier to level them up after combat. Cheaper companions as a bonus as well.

=> Buff damage to all Obsidian weapons. Thus, making it easier for the wielder to fight against the White Walker Army.

=> Give all top-tier Infantry troops either Valyrian weapons (for troops coming from a "civilized" kingdom e.g. Lannister) or Obsidian weapons (for troops coming from an "uncivilized" people e.g. Free Folk). This means that the Night Watch Archers are no longer the sole critical factor for killing wights--any top-tier melee troops can now kill the wights instead of being regressed into the role of being an expensive meat shield to stop the wights' horde from hurting the Night Watch Archers. In addition, give a shield to all top-tier troops that lack one so they will survive longer on the battlefield, including the top-tier archers themselves. Those that specialize in throwing weapons (e.g. Veteran Unsullied) will be given Obsidian Javelins as additional tools to fight against the wights. For Night Watch Infantry, they will be given wildfire as throwing weapons so as to effectively fight against the wights' horde onslaught. This tweak does not apply to Giants.

=> Set all bows to do piercing damage, not cutting damage. Now archers from all tiers should become a more viable pick for players since they are so incredibly weak in AWIOAF.

=> Give fire arrows or buffed obsidian arrows to all top-tier archers. Now it isn't just the Night Watch Archers and the Fireborn Horse Archers that can kill the wights anymore. As usual, Fire arrows are given to people from "civilized" kingdoms, while obsidian arrows are given to "uncivilized" people.

=> Buff all Valyrian weapons and all unique weapons (except ranged weapons) so that Obsidian weapons will not outclass the former.

=> Replace Night's Watch Elite Ranger, Riverlands Ranger Guard, and Dothraki Screamer bows with a Wierwood Bow, Goldenheart Bow, and Dragonbone Bow in respective order. These are the three strongest bows in the game.

=> GIve all top-tier infantry troops with additional polearm for combat.

Installation Guide

Steam Users:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\mountblade warband\Modules\A World Of Ice And Fire


C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps/common\mountblade warband\Modules\A World Of Ice And Fire

Non-Steam Users:

C:\Program Files\Mount and Blade Warband\Modules\A World Of Ice And Fire


C:\Program Files\TaleWorlds\Mount and Blade Warband\Modules\A World Of Ice And Fire

Make a backup copy of "item_kinds1.txt" and "troops.txt"  before overwriting it with the mods provided in the zip. Then, start a new game -- it will not work with the existing saves. With this patch, you can now set the game to the highest difficulty for the best experience -- no more unfair fight against "cheating" AI.

As always...

Enjoy :)