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This is a submod for Prophesy of Pendor v3.9.5. The changes to the original files contained in this submod were made using Morgh's Editor, TweakMB and the "Pendor Tweaks" wiki page.

Permissions and credits
I do not claim ownership of any of the files posted in this submod, they are all originally taken from Prophesy of Pendor and tweaked to fit my own interpretation of some of the mod's existing lore.

Last Edit: 8, September 2021

Current Version 2.1

This submod is not save game compatible!

  1. Introduction
  2. What to Expect when Playing Pendor Rearmed
  3. New Bits of Lore
  4. Installation Instructions
  5. List of Tweaks Used
  6. Changelog
  7. Credits

1. Introduction:

- Pendor Rearmed is a submod for Prophesy of Pendor v3.9.5 that aims to rebalance all major and minor faction units, change the stats of some armors/weapons and include some tweaks present at

- Also to make some things clear: 

The submod alters units stats and gear, but not their level (also no new units have been created) so the autocalc balance (For AI battles) that has been so carefully created and tweaked by the Prophesy of Pendor developers has not have been altered.

Although you may not be familiar with some of the armors used by the units they were all already present within Prophesy of Pendor v3.9.5 and no new items have been added.

2. What to expect when playing Pendor Rearmed:

- Ranged units, although still powerful, have a slower firing rate and deal less damage with each hit, so in order for them to be effective the player must keep them safe during battle and give them a clear line of sight to shoot the enemy. Bows and crossbows are also slightly less accurate.

- Bows have been rebalanced with these core ideas in mind:

Footmen Bows: Used by infantry only, cheaper, highest range and damage.

Horse Archer Bows: Usable on horseback, more expensive, generally have lower damage output and range (except unique items and the more expensive bows).

- Crossbows have retained their high damage, but are now MUCH slower to reload.

- Swords are mostly wielded by high level units and nobles, with exceptions made in order to fit the cultural themes of some factions. The increase in popularity with hammers, maces and polearms was made due to PoP being set in a world with high medieval age technology, with plate armor being widely used, so weapons designed to be good against said armor were made more common.

- Main faction units received cultural gear (such as sarleon padded armor, fiersvain mail and etc.) that weren't being used before and their recruits are slightly better equipped. Some units also had their roles in battle altered. 

- Hateful and minor faction units also had changes to their gear and unit roles, such as the mystmountain raiders fighting mostly on foot, and the vanskerries using more modern armor.

- Some melee weapons received another attack option (two handed axes can thrust, boar spears can slash and etc.) and had slight buffs to their stats.

- Many tweaks from the page have been added.

- Bandit lairs have less enemies inside.

- Merchants have more money avaliable.

- Enterprises and fiefs give slightly more money.

- Companions wont ask to leave your party.

3. New Bits of Lore:

(The following units used to be the young noble adventurers)

- Sarleon Foot Knights/Squires:

These young noblemen favor fighting on foot with large weapons in order to complement the weak infantry line of their homeland, they train day and night hoping to one day join the ranks of the wealthy commanders of Sarleon.

- Ravenstern Noble Archers:

The bow has always been a weapon of prestige in the northern lands of Pendor, the famous archers of the Kingdom of Ravenstern rain arrows on their enemies with unmatched precision and have won the northern lords many battles in recent years. Many of the young nobles in the kingdom have taken to becoming rangers, some do it for fame and money, others for their country and  loved ones, but regardless of the reason, these men should be feared for their skill.

- Fierdsvain Wolf Warriors:

Young men amongst the fierdsvain have recently been joining this mysterious brotherhood of crazed axemen who make use of ointments and concoctions in order to eliminate the fear all men feel before a battle. The wisest Jarls amongst the Fierdsvain have made good use of these warriors, who above all else seek death in battle, so the winds of HafSigla will carry them into the promised afterlife.

- D'Shar Mamlukes:

The lands of Kadan Bahadur Khan make use of elite slave warriors called Mamlukes, these men are harshly trained from a young age and well equipped by their masters, a rare luxury for a slave soldier. The mamelukes are employed as heavy shock cavalry by the southern lords in order to complement their fast moving skirmisher cavalry.

- Baccus Adventurers:

Nobles of the fallen empire have flocked to pendor in order to avoid persecution by the snake cult. With their homelands lost, and any prestige or wealth their families once held lost, these young men have taken to adventuring in these new lands. Although they aren't members of the legion they serve in the armies of Marius Imperator as mounted crossbowmen.

4. Installation Instructions:

- First download Prophesy of Pendor v3.9.5 (;
- Then find warbands main directory (usually found at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband).
- Extract Prophesy of Pendor 3.9.5 into the modules folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules).
- Rename it to Pendor Rearmed (this is not mandatory but will help keep the submod's save files separate from the original mod).
- Download the submod.
- Lastly extract the submod's files into your Pendor Rearmed folder, overwritting when asked to.

(PS: I tried to include only the txt files that have been modified so as to to make this compatible with any other graphical submods, but I personally do not use any of them)

5. List of tweaks :

(List of tweaks included from

Tweak 1 a) To change the chances of capturing unique spawn leaders and lords, and view or remove the predetermined chances - credits to VonDegurechaff, Vetrogor and Dalion
Tweak 1 f) To change the party limit and growth rate of Eyegrim the Devourer - credits to lconracl and Dalion
Tweak 1 r) To make militia patrols able to join you in fights against common enemies - credits to Vetrogor
Tweak 2 j) To be able to create KO chapters in any walled fief (of your own kingdom) - credits to SirArtyr, Leonion and VonDegurechaff
Tweak 2 l) To enable dismantling KO chapters in any of your own faction's walled fiefs - credits to Fuyushi
Tweak 2 q) To fix the issue of KOs not keeping track of previous promotion rewards you are entitled to once you reach the next rank - credits to Countyboar
Tweak 2 t) To be able to train sergeants too with the default training and adjust the stats given to both them and knights - credits to Dalion
Tweak 4 f) To remove the renown decay - credits to BananaFruit
Tweak 5 b) To make Inquisition rightfully hostile towards Singalians and Outlaws too
Tweak 9 c) To fix the bug of sally-outs requiring you to stay conscious in order to win - credits to Dalion
Tweak 10 a) To reassign archers, crossbowmen and arquebusiers to the division of your choice after depleting their ammo - credits to Vetrogor and Caba'drin
Tweak 11 c) To fix the problem about loot depending on the order of troops killed - credits to Vetrogor, Tingyun and rubik
Tweak 12 a) To change the base income (rents) from towns, castles and villages - credits to Alex Toews
Tweak 13 r) To change the amount and kind of recruits you can hire from villages - credits to TheMageLord, Dalion and Leonion
Tweak 16 a) To disable unhappy companions from leaving your party - credits to Leonion, BananaFruit and Dalion
Tweak 16 b) To enable the "we hang deserters" option to convince companions to stay in your party
Tweak 16 l) To add bodyguard companions into scenes - credits to Vetrogor and Caba'drin

6. Changelog:

(PS: Specific item changes such as: x infantry unit received z, y, j items are not included)

- Bows and crossbows  slower to reload
- Higher quality bows received a small nerf to damage  and accuracy, some received a "range" tweak
- Throwing weapons are now slower to... throw
- Bandit camps had their troop numbers reduced
- Faction recruits get guaranteed gear quicker, spears and shields are now much more common amongst low level troops
- Amount of troops recruited from fiefs increased
- Amount of mercenaries avaliable in taverns increased
- Expect to see more axes, hammers, maces and polearms amongst main faction units
- Skirmishers mostly use one handed weapons
- Warhammers can now do a thrust attack
- Boar spear now has a swing attack
- Tridents cannot be used with shields
- Two handed axes received thrust attack
- Fiefs generate more money
- Enterprises generate more money
- Added tweaks from

- Ranged units have a mix of bows/crossbows
- Maces added to cavalry
- Horseman use blue heater shields
- Infantry occasionaly use two handed weapons
- Nobles have an extra upgrade path

- Skirmishers now use bows only
- Gave heavy armor to Fierdsvain Berserker and nerfed stats (will behave like elite heavy infantry now)
- Nobles use a mix of swords and curved axes
- Nobles have an extra upgrade path

Baccus Empire:
- Gladiator turned into Empire Centurion (elite heavy infantry)
- Cavalry now use Lances and lost their crossbows
- Nobles start as infantry and upgrade into Empire Knights

- Nobles turned into horse archers

- Spearmen turned into Halberdiers
- Bladesmen line had their names changed and may spawn with a spear

Kraken Cultists:
- Storm Sisters are now an archer unit

Lady Valkyries:
- Eiherjars  are now heavy melee cavalry

- Lower level unit acts as a skirmisher
- High level units are heavy infantry similar to the Fierdsvain
- Queen agnus freeboters are now skirmisher cavalry

- Spearman looses the poleaxe

Mystymountain Raiders:
- Changed units to fight on foot, with the exception of Shamans and Wolfbode's personal troops
- Lowest level unit is now an archer
- Shamans and Berserkers have jarids

Rogue Knights:
- Sarleon Rogue knight is now a foot knight unit
- Ravenstern Rogue Knight is now a foot archer unit
- Fierdsvain Rogue knight turned into heavy shock infantry
- D'shar Rogue Knight is now a heavy shock cavalry unit
- Baccus Rogue Knight turned into mounted crossbowmen

7. Credits:

All credits go to Pendor's Delevopment team and to the various authors who provided the tweaks present in the guide
[email protected] (Head Develeoper, item design, coder, jack-of-all-trades)
MitchyMatt (Senior Developer, game design, writing, Community Management)
Gorvex (game design, major tester)
Latis (game design, major tester, Chinese Liaison, Co-translator for Chinese)
Ralyks (game design, major tester, PoP Wikia Manager)
Snouz (Promotional Art, coder, scene editting, textures)
Ethreon / UnDeadPuff
Ev (discord co-manager)
Sgt. Tuvok / Elensil the Numenorean
Lord Irontoe
Special Thanks to the following:
Cozur (ACOK resources)
Jun Yue (君悦) (AI scripts: "lancer fix", "enhanced horse archers AI")
Dusk Voyager (script CKO equip all items from inventory)
ha3481 (new mountain texture)
Lucky Lancer (Training scenes)
Ohagi-junT ("PoP Adaptation files for Prophesy of Pendor3.7063")
Leonion (texture "Overhaul of - 2k HiRes")
Necturus (scene items)
Fire&Blood (corrected AI mesh pathfinding on some castle siege scenes - used as a base for further sieges improvements)