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Deafening artillery fire, rapidly advancing technologies, and globe spanning Empires await you in this M&B: Warband mod set during the late 19th century.

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Between Empires is a total conversion mod that has a number of unique mechanics, both in battle and on the campaign map, in order to represent the 19th century.

Company System

Between Empires completely replaces Warband's native division system, instead using a new company system that allows players to split infantry units into multiple line, guard, or light infantry companies. Artillery and cavalry also utilize this system, with differentiated company types existing for both. You can access the company set-up in the pre-battle deployment menu.
In battle, discipline and stamina. Discipline is an abstraction of morale and affects accuracy. Casualties, enemy fire, and exhaustion negatively affect discipline, and should discipline fall below a certain threshold (15% by default, this threshold can be further improved by skills) the company will break and retreat. Other skills can make units hold for a brief moment despite being broken, allowing you to hold the line or plug gaps.
Stamina is drained when your units fight in melee or run (which can be toggled with the ~ tilde key [left of 1]). Low stamina negatively impacts discipline, accuracy, and movement speed.
Furthermore, you can (and have to) access a new aerial view in order to command your troops. Use the “U” key to access it, left click either the company banner in the bottom left, or the company itself on the battlefield to select it (hold down shift to select multiple at the same time), and click and hold right click to move a selected company.


Again, utilize the “U” menu to access the aerial view command feature.
  • Units no longer automatically face the enemy as is case in native, instead facing and moving the way you tell them to.
  • Infantry utilizes different formations based on their company type. Line and guard infantry uses lines at game start, while light infantry utilize skirmish tactics.
  • Soldiers don't fire while moving, negating the need to tell units to hold fire when you move them. This doesn't apply to the “Charge!” order.
Time and Technology

Players and AI factions have access to a technology tree, which dynamically changes weaponry, munitions, army sizes and effectiveness in battle. Most of these technologies are tied to a certain year. The mod, set between 1860 and 1895, includes dynamic time progression, the speed of which can be changed at the players digression. Some factions start off with certain technologies researched to represent their armies state at game start, such as Prussia having access to breech-loaders in 1860.
ArtilleryBetween Empire includes a unique artillery system, with both howitzers and field guns being present. Artillery can be recruited in any fort on the campaign map, via the armoury menu. A maximum of 5 - 7 guns can be used in battle, with technologies increasing the limit. Artillery is available in both siege and field battles, and can be controlled as any other company.
At game start, howitzers are inaccurate, slow firing, and are prone to firing shells without them exploding, while field guns are more accurate, but fire in a straight line, and use archaic round shot.
Technologies fundamentally change the effectiveness and increase the ammunition capacity of both howitzers and field guns.

In battle:
U – Opens the aerial view
While in aerial view:
Q and E – Turns the camera (you will have to disable quest menu hotkey that is "Q" by default)
Space and Ctrl - Increases and decreases camera height respectively
~ (Tilde, button left of “1”) - Toggles the selected companies between running and marching
Q – If you have a revolver or pistol selected, you will fire a shot form your hip, fanning the revolver. This is more accurate when delivering rapid fire at short range than “spamming” left click would be.