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This is dynamic divisions based on code by Cabadrin. At first it was reassigning dehorsed cavalry and archers without ammo to infantry group. And now improved significally. Instructions for installation on Prophecy of Pendor v3.9.5.1. For installation just download and copy TXT files. Source code included in manual installation archives.

Permissions and credits
== Dynamic reassignment and reequipment ==

Current version is final. No further improvements are planed.

Changes v2.3.5
1) Fix. The last line of the mod options menu was hidden.
Changes v2.3.4
1) Txt compiled files for submod Arsenal of Al-Aziz v1.4.
Changes v2.3.3
1) Txt compiled files reuploaded. I missed file menus.txt wich restored riding skill to horseless NPC after battle.
Changes v2.3.2
1) Edited manual instructions
2) Fix. Taking ammo from ally. Some minor bug.
Changes v2.3.1
1) Fix. Reassign all untis to archers and infantry now added to village raids in TXT compiled files.
2) Typo. Ru manual installation files. (removed $mount_order_on_start in file 10)
Changes v2.3.
1) Fix. Mounted agents will switch weapon if they can't use it on horseback. They will take sword or knight lance, if strength is 15 and level is 35.
2) Fix. Heroes who spawn without a horse and have riding > 0 will not mount a horse on the battlefield.
3) Fix. Archers in sieges were assigned to infantry.
4) If shield is broken then an agent will take another from his equipment.
Changes v2.2.
1) Fixed: blunt order. Poleaxe was not switched.
Changes v2.1.
1) Added archers reassignment for division 9, which is for "Nearby Soldiers!" command
2) Division for archers reassignment can be chosen from mod options. Default is 1 - infantry.
3) Tactic battle menu shows divisions dynamic
4) Ammo given by ally is count large bags, key is changed for <V>
5) Pistols are count too
6) Reworked order "Blunt weapons". Everyone will get blunt weapon. Works from tactic battle menu too. When you give "Free weapon" order all weapons return back. Blunt weapon is chosen from troop inventory. If troop doesn't have than it will get Mace If troop level is equal or more than 35 (most top tier units) and strength equal or more than 12 than it will get Battle_Hammer

--== Capabilities of v2.0 ==--
In parentheses shown divisions for which feature will work. 0 is for first division, 8 for last nine division. Divisions from 6 to 8 aren't touched at all. You use them for elite or companions.
(0) - infantry
(1) - archers
(2) - cavalry
(9) - Nearby Soldiers
1) Cavalry(0-5) dismounted or dehorsed reassign to infantry(0) or archers(1) if have 3 or more ammo
2) Cavalry dismounted or dehorsed change lances if they don't have another melee weapon. Regular spears are not switched. They have better speed and damage. Melee weapon is chosen from troop inventory randomly. If weapon is not founded than regular sword or morgenstern (str>=13) is given.
3) Archers (0-5, 9) without ammo reassign to division chosen from mod options (infantry(0) default). Works for throne weapons too.   
4) When ally archer gives you all his ammo he reassigns to infantry. In sieges you can increase infantry group with this method. He's weapon will be taken. To get ammo from ally archer you need to wield the same type of weapon. You can take from ally archers too not only from your party. Radius is increased. Previously you will not get any ammo if not staying very very close.
5) In sieges all units(0-5) are divided in infantry(0) and archers(1). Lances are switched. Also works in village raiding missions.
6) Infantry(0) spawned with long range shooting weapon reassign to archers(1). Mount infantry reassign to cavalry(2).
7) If agent(0-5) mounts a horse he will reassign to cavalry(2). Only agents with guaranty horse flag can mount. It is restriction from game engine. CKO has this.
8) Everything works for ally and enemy.

--== Installation ==--
1) You can download TXT compiled files for installation on clean Prophecy of Pendor v3.9.5.1. Simple copy to the module folder.
2) TXT files for  PoP with Arsenal of Al-Aziz v1.4 in the Optional files category. It should be only Arsenal installed.
3) Manual installation instructions included in english and russian languages. This files for experienced tweaker. Source code included for modding inside ###CODE### section.