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Hatamoto Edition is a submod for Gekokujo. Its core features, landlording, owning a home, weapon commissioning/repair/upgrades, dueling, disarms, more realistic movement, optional character creation perks/penalties/traits, hand made rice paddy battlefield scenes for settlement outskirts and urban combat near towns, more options menus. And more!

Permissions and credits
Updated with bugfixes ]
( ... finally )
(and ... again. Seriously, coding is somewhere between humbling and self-deprecating.)
 Gekokujo: Hatamoto Edition
(According to the internet, Hatamoto roughly translates to, "under the banners")

Features list
  1. Homeowner: 
  2. Now you can buy houses, one from each city for personal use. The costs of resting are reduced according to the size of the dwelling and that of your party.
    Also they come with storage and allow you to start hiring staff for your other land enterprises.
  3. Land lording:
  4. Once you have decent (5 or more) relations with the town's lord the options for purchasing land appear. From there you can decided to buy agricultural plots or town land with homes and businesses. Once you start buying land the demand will increase the pricing of that land type, and you can only have as much land as your staffed for.
  5. Weapon smiths enhanced:
  6. Most weapons can be directly bought and have their quality decided, also you can repair weapons and upgrade them as wanted.
  7. Dueling:
  8. Now you can duel you troops, companions, other lords, Ronin.
  9. Disarms: 
  10. The harder the hit, the more likely they'll drop there weapon. Though unarmed someone can overpower the weapons from there enemy's hands. As uncommon as it is, you'll want to consider backup weapons if your proficiency stats are low.
  11. Movement enhanced:
  12. As the main bodies of troops get close to the enemy formations the troops speeds are slower in the middle of the brawl, but further out the people can move more freely, keeps fights from being running matches and looking silly. Also, attacks close by the fray have a lunge effect now like they are actually swinging to hit, and movement speeds while blocking are also slower. But if this more realistic movement isn't for you, there is a option to set it back to the base game mechanics, be warned (for now) that this messes with some of the perks and traits effects.
  13. Perks! Traits! :
  14. Three new menus at character creation . One for perks, another for penalty's, and one to mix and match traits.
    There is a perk option for no gifts, or drawbacks, if you don't want any of this.
  15. New scenes: 
  16. If you are near a village you'll have a rice fields battle area. Picked a fight outside a castle? Then a towering fort will look down on your battle. Right next to a town? Battle in the streets of overflow urban growth!
  17. options menu:
  18. In case you are wanting to adjust some of the game play. There are things like double damage for everyone,
    or HP armor overhaul, where with more health points you take less slightly less damage.

    Also, there is other stuff like adding in throwing kuni (use weapon switch vanilla key bind to switch between throwing and stabbing), adjusting some unit stats, adding backup weapons, adjusting weapon stats (a total rebalance), changing defeat outcomes etc...

Install: Well you need Mount & Blade Warband of course
Gekokujo 3.0 -You will need this first. Then overwrite with the Gekokujo 3.1 patch. They can both be found at:
Then Inside the MountBlade Warband\Modules\gekokujo folder: overwrite the files inside, with the ones I have provided.
Shouldn't work with any mods that overwrite its changes

Also, I make use of the extra penetration flags, so... I would recommend that if in case you need to change the module.ini, to modify it instead of replacing it.

This is NOT save game compatible with Gekokujo 3.0 or 3.1!
New game basically required( and highly recommended )!

Roal-Yr's scene pack
Duel Kit v0.5
Morghs M&B WB-WFAS Editor
philip's Gekokujo 3.1
Tailworlds Mount and blade Warband and its module system
Also, this forum helped,127840.0.html
And used some code based off of,349722.0.html

and anyone that tested it ... cough *only chjrpy (edit: rest in peace man, you were a good guy )* cough