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For Expanded Troops Only

This mod aims to balance the game by making it easier for players to grind for new troops, as well as rebalancing all heroes to ensure they are not as useless as they were during the early game. It also contains other fixes.

Permissions and credits

Reworked Troops Levelling System

Players can grind for tier 7 unit almost as quickly as leveling up troops to max tier in the vanilla game.
The players will no longer need to take an eternity to upgrade their troops.

Tier 1 unit ==> Level 1
Tier 2 unit ==> Level 3
Tier 3 unit ==> Level 6
  Tier 4 unit ==> Level 10
  Tier 5 unit ==> Level 15
  Tier 6 unit ==> Level 21
  Tier 7 unit ==> Level 28

Start as a Tier 1 unit.

Mountain Bandit:
Start as a Tier 2 unit.

Forest Bandit, Steppe Bandit, Taiga Bandit, Desert Bandit, Sea Raider
Start as a Tier 3 unit.

Start as a Tier 3 unit.

For Freelancers...
Tier 1 units ==> Level 1
Tier 2 units ==> Level 2
Tier 3 units ==> Level 3
Tier 4 units ==> Level 4
Tier 5 units ==> Level 5
Tier 6 units ==> Level 6
Freelanders should be upgraded much faster than any other troops do, which is consistent with what Sigmund say...

"Just a few battles and they'll be formidable warriors."

Reworked Companions

After recruitment, companions should be able to hold against several enemies on their own in battle before getting knocked unconscious. Now they actually fight like heroes during the early game, instead of being a walking deadweight in the army.

-- Replace all companions weapons with polearms that reflect the origin of the birthplace.
-- Give all companions an Iron Plated Charger (Best horse in the game) to ride on.
-- Set Weapons Mastery, Ironflesh, Athletics, and Riding to 10 for all companions.
-- Deshavi, Bunduk, Odval, and Klethi Horse Archery will be set to 10.
-- Double all Polearms proficiency from the companions base value.
            -- Deshavi will have it Archery proficiency doubled as well.
            -- Bunduk will have itCrossbows proficiency doubled as well.
            -- Odval will have it Archery proficiency doubled as well.
            -- Klethi will have it Throwing proficiency doubled as well.
   -- Floris will have all of his proficiency skills set to 420 (highest level) as a result of his high recruitment cost.
-- All relevant party skills that the companions specialised in (as per what Floris Wiki say) will be set to 3 with some exception...
-- Baheshtur, Nizar, Nadia, and Sajjad Looting skill will be set to 3.
-- Floris party skills will all be set to 10 (highest level) as a result of his high recruitment cost.
-- Deshavi Power Draw skill will be set to 4 so she can equip the bow.
-- Odval Power Draw skill will be set to 5 so she can equip the bow.
-- Klethi Power Throw skill will be set to 1 so she can equip the dagger.
-- All companions level will be set to 1. Grinding to upgrade companions is much less tedious than before. 
-- All other companions skills will be set to 0. 

Companions Weapon List:

Decorated Nagita
Marnid: Bearded Axe
Ymira: Battle Fork
Rolf: Hooked Glaive
Baheshtur: Double Hooked Lance
Firentis: English Bill
Deshavi: Spjotkesja + Nord Strong Bow + Black Arrows x2
Reinforced Nordic Spear
Alayen: Bec De Corbin
Bunduk: Long Hafted Spiked Mace + Heavy Crossbow + Steel Bolt x2
Iron Lance
Jeremus: Bishop Staff
Nizar: Flag
Lezalit: Military Scythe
Artimenner: Large Rhodok Lance
Klethi: Vaegir Pike + Throwing Daggers x3
Heraldic Lance
Nadia: Dark Sarranid Lance
Odval: Dragon Spear + Heavy Khergit Bow + Black Arrows x2
Strong Desert Pike
Ghazwan: Long Desert Halberd
Edwyn:  Knight Polehammer

Reworked  Tier 7 Troops

Make the troops tougher than before so they are less prone to dying, which mean less heartbreak for players who invested so much money and time to train up their troops.

-- All proficiency and skills that are related to what the tier 7 units are using is max out.
-- Swadian troop trees are modified to include riflemen.
-- A4 Swadian Longbowman changed to A4 Swadian Arquebusman.
-- A5 Swadian Selfbow Archer changed to A5 Swadian Blunderbussman.
-- A6 Swadian Yeoman Archer changed to A6 Swadian Matchlockman.
-- A7 Swadian Retinue Longbowman changed to A7 Swadian Flintlockman.
Can't volley fire in battle.

-- Sarranid troop tree for horse archer have their bow replaced with crossbows
-- H4 Sarranid Badw use Crossbow
-- H5 Sarranid Akinci use Heavy Crossbow
-- H6 Sarranid Sipahi use Siege Crossbow
-- H7 Sarranid Iqta'dar use Arbalest

-- Slaver Chief have it bow replaced with a flintlock rifle.
-- Slave Crusher can be upgraded to Black Slaver Camelman
(Not shown in Troop Trees Report).

-- Black Khergit Horseman is (tentatively) no longer part of the Steppe Bandit faction. It can now be upgraded from Slaver Crusher. Renamed to Black Slaver Camelman due to replacing horse with camel.

-- All Outlaws (Except Manhunter troop tree, Bandit, and Brigand) have all of their skills set to 0 (Steppe Bandit and Desert Bandit have Horse Riding set to 4) to make fighting them easier during the early game. Critical for doing bandit related quests.

-- All Stat Units (Except Manhunter) level are set to 1.

-- All troops in the Manhunters tree now own firearms, upgrading troop will get better firearms.

--Sarranid Badw get a black courser as a replacement of the camel it used formerly.

Tier 7 Troops List:

Nord Aetherling
Celtic sword Mammen Axes      
Vendelox Axes      Sleek Halberd

Nord Vaeringi
Spjotkesja     Long Phalanx
Reinforced Nordic Spear     Kastspjott Miptaggik
Long Nordic Spear       Laird Sword
Long Bryntvari
Celtic Sword

Rhodok Condottiero
Phalanx PikeLong Knight Polehammer
Long Phalanx Pike       Inquisition Hammer
Long Pike      Heavy Darts
General Sword

Rhodok Condottiero d'Assedio
General Sword      Large Morning Star

Vaegir Sokoliniy Glaz
Imperial Arrows   Black Arrows
Empire Warhammer    Crow Hammer
Bastard Knight Hammer

Swadian Flintlockman
Swadian Longbow       Flintlock Rifle
Steel ArrowsCartridge
Bayeux Sword      Grosser Zweihander

Baron Mineures
Long Barded Blue Lily Horse       Swadian Morning Star
Swadian Lordsword    Great Long Bardiche
Big Lily Heater Shield
Great Helmet
Great Plain Helmet
Great Cross Helmet
Horned Great Helmet
Great Red Helmet
Full Plate Armor
Iron Lance

Sarranid Hasham
Long Barded Southern Sarrandi Warhorse       Scorpion
Brass Ghulam Helmet Bastard Scimitar
Brass Veiled Helmet
Brown Sarranid Full Plate
Sarah Scimitar
Dark Sarranid Lance

Vaegir Bogatyr
Long Barded White Eagle Black Warhorse        Horsemans Mace
Vaegir Green Elite Armor     Vaegir Polehammer
Vaegir White Elite Armor
Vaegir Blue Elite Armor
Vaegir War Mask
Military Cleaver
Footman Lance

Khergit Cherbi
Long Barded Iron Lamellar Warhorse        Khergit Voulge
Khergit Iron Elite Armor       Heavy Sabre
Double Hooked Lance

Khergit Mandugai
Khergit Great Mask     Military Cleaver
Khergit Heavy Mask    Imperial War Bow
Khergit Golden Mask  
Heavy Sabre
Heavy Khergit Bow

Sarranid Iqta'dar
Sarranid Strong Bow  Arbalest
Safah Scimitar     Military Pick
Iron Ghulam Helmet
Iron Veiled Helmet

Slaver Chief
Practice Bow        Military Hammer
Practice Arrows  Flintlock Rifle
Spiked Mace
Horsemans Mace
Great Hammer

Black Slaver Camelmen
Amazon Bow                     Strange Great Sword
Hospitaller Sword       Strange Sword
Amazon Arrows   Kastspjott Midtaggir
Two Handed Greatsword    Mammen Axes
Gothic Lance         Bactrian Camel
Bec de Corbin        Calradian Camel
Squared Mace       Sarranid Camel
Great Axe
Battle Axe
Saddle Horse

Reworked Items

-- All bows now achieved a speed rating of 100.
-- All crossbows now achieved a speed rating of 75.
-- All firearms now achieved a speed rating of 50.
-- Remove unbalanced, can't use on horseback, and can't reload on horseback from all weapons.
-- All bows will now do piercing damage, not cutting damage.
-- Set Flintlock Pistol, Arquebus, Blunderbuss, and Matchlock Rifle accuracy to 90.
-- Firearms and cartridge can now be brought at the Kingdom of Swadia, albeit rare to find.
-- Strange weapons and armor can now be brought at Khergit Khanate, albeit rare to find.
-- Battle Elephant can now be brought at Sarranid Sultanate, albeit rare to find. Battle Elephant health points are doubled as well.
-- Camels can now run faster and have greater health points but have weaker armor compared to war horses.

Installation Guide
Steam Users:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\mountblade warband\Modules\Floris_Evolved
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps/common\mountblade warband\Modules\Floris_Evolved

Non-Steam Users:
C:\Program Files\Mount and Blade Warband\Modules\Floris_Evolved
C:\Program Files\TaleWorlds\Mount and Blade Warband\Modules\Floris_Evolved

Make a backup copy of "item_kinds1.txt" and "troops.txt" before overwriting it with the mods provided in zip. Then, start a new game -- it will not work with existing save. The best experience is to set the game to the highest difficulty.

Enjoy :)