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A continuation of the original 1257 AD. Adds a multitude of new things to enhance and polish gameplay.

Permissions and credits
I'm apologize for the crappy graphics in the screenshots. I'm testing the mod on a notebook.

This is the successor of my Reloaded submod. I received permission from DrThomas (one of the leading devs of 1257AD) to redistribute the whole 1257AD project. So i decided to release a new version with the current update containing all of 1257AD in one package.

  • Custom Troop Trees
  • KAOS Political KIT (Start as King, Prince or Vassal).
  • Troop Ratio Bar in battles.
  • Player can inspect troop and prisoner equipment.
  • Bodyguards in scenes.
  • Player actions in sieges and raids
  • Cavalry that loses their horses becomes infantry
  • Change your kingdom culture and thus your troops, reinforcements and fief scene guards (you couldn't before, just the religion).
  • Fully translated party and troop names.
  • Balanced troop stats.
  • Increased bolt quiver capacity to 40-45.
  • Factions will spawn scouts, patrols, foragers, war parties, mercenary companies.
  • New party spawns: rogue mercenary companies, fugitive serfs and rebels (beefed up peasant rebels)
  • Faction resurrection implemented.
  • Player can kill prisoners, excluding lords.
  • NPC lords will train their parties daily with trainer skill just like player does.
  • Always choose side when joining battles.
  • Post-battle kill count. See example here
  • Game menus to change various things like party sizes and merchant respawn rates and item count.
  • Player gains renown if he kills enough enemies in a battle (every 5 kills = +1 renown).
  • New visit camp feature.
  • New textures for female faces (no more ugly women!).
  • Added bounty quests to tavern keepers. The fugitives and the gold reward are random and based on archetypes (knights, pirates, deserters, etc).
  • All factions will recognize player right to rule at the game start if king option selected. Thus, options like trade agreements and alliances become available at the beginning without the need to send a companion in a mission.
  • Horseman now have a chance (20%) of dying or getting knocked unconscious when their horse dies. Can be turned off by following the instruction in the changelog at v1.4.
  • When attempting to enter a ongoing battle in the map, relations between those parties and the player will be show alongside the party's names.
  • Fixed/Improved a few scenes (most notably added a extra ladder to the Arab town siege scene).
  • Fixed besieger archers not behaving properly in sieges (they wouldn't use their ranged weapons).
  • Added "Sending troops from your party to any walled fief you own" tweak.
  • Added Doghotel's Brainy Bots. Press F5 during battle to bring a menu to adjust the settings.
  • Increase world map battle speed by 3x. Also increased siege defender bonus strength to 30% from 23%, while decreasing siege attacker strength penalty to 30% from 23%. This should provide more realistic battles and sieges with the attackers losing a equal amount or 10-30% more.
  • Balanced companions. They got buffed and each have different skills and proficiencies depending on their culture.
  • Added some HD textures from vanilla Warband (most notably the skyboxes).
  • Replaced world map textures with new ones from World Map HD v1.2
  • Added Forager Skill
  • Updated old version of Freelancer to the one used in the latest version of Floris, which includes bugfixes and enhancements.
  • Overhauled Constable prisoner options: He can now buy prisoners just like ransom brokers, ransom companions, vassals or even friendly lords (10 or more relation) of factions you don't have major issues with (minimum -5 relation).
  • Various messages now have different colors depending if what they say is positive or negative.
  • Plenty of changes to a few scripts and lots of simple triggers using the Viking Conquest format that shall provide pretty significant boosts to world map performance.
  • Added new death animations from the Shogun Sengoku Jidai 0.70 mod.
  • Lords will randomly build improvements on their fiefs once a week if their wealth is high enough.[/url]
  • Added option to chancellor chat that allows player to pay weekly compensation to landless vassals instead of losing relations (2000 gold per vassal). More details in changelog.[/url]
  • Modified faction thinking process when deciding who to declare war to. Factions of the same religion are less likely to engage each other IF there's another faction in the
  • proximity that doesn't share the same faith.
  • Implemented some Viking Conquest .ini settings thats should improve mod loading times.
  • Added a new "surprise" in the arena.
  • Added improved horse archer AI
  • If player in defending a siege, and is the town lord, marshall or king of the faction, he can order archers to move to their initial siege positions if he presses the numpad 0 key.
  • Added kill count at the top left of the screen during battles.
  • Implemented new improved death camera

Minor Changes
  • Arena fighters spawn 4 times faster.
  • Buying cattle from village elders will add the amount spent to the village's gold amount.
  • Added suffixes to mercenary companion's names with their profession (nobles are unaffected).
  • Ladders take 2 times less to build.
  • Deserters/Bandits will now ask for a amount based on player inventory trade goods value and not total wealth .
  • Player ransom amount no longer tied to amount of money he has. It's now 100 gold per level (300 if you're king).
  • A message will be displayed when arrows are refilled during sieges.
  • Knight orders that couldn't upgrade (all of them except teutonic) serjeants/half brothers can now upgrade to knights.
  • Village elders will receive a random (and small) amount of money at game start.
  • Information about lords fiefs (or lack thereof) will be displayed alongside their names when choosing to give a fief to them.
  • Player king can now choose which fief he wants to take (before you could only choose a fief preselected by order of importance).
  • Removed shaders that caused things to glow white. But mb.fx must be removed from the 1257AD folder for this to take effect.
  • Player can now restore Roman Empire if starting as ruler of Roman Empire of Nicaea (due to a missing check this was only possible if the player was a vassal).
  • Crusader parties are now more varied (e.g. euro crusaders, scandinavian crusaders, etc).
  • Added dismounted versions of Knight Order Serjeants and Knights. For now they can only be obtained by rescuing prisoners in the Crusader States and Teutonic Order areas.
  • Throwing weapons now do piercing damage but damage decreased.
  • Vanilla sounds are now used for man's death, hit and yell sounds in battle.
  • Nerfed horse archers and horse throwers.
  • Increased maximum number of tournament being held at once to 8 from 3 and increased the chance of them happening to 30% from 6%.
  • Removed wage cap from player town controlled garrisons (it was 10.000). Now it's 30% of what the total cost of the garrison is. Should help those having issues paying for garrisons if their max cap has been set to lower numbers than default.
  • Increase horse charge damage by 100% in module.ini
  • Troops now eat once every 12 hours (it was 14)
  • Added "Morale penalty based on troops quality v2.0"
  • Added more higher amounts to the treasury deposit options (Max before was 10,000. Now it's 100,000.).
  • Modified armor penetration/damage reduction values in module.ini
  • Reduced time that takes for released lords to respawn with a party to 3 days (it was a week).
  • Player party will consume half the food required if stationed in a walled fief. This is to simulate the player paying for accommodation with food included.
  • Player will always go visit a fief mounted (if he has a horse of course).
  • Player can ask companions to go in diplomatic missions directly without talking to a minister first.

  • Indictment Spiral Fix
  • Fixed manor bug (copies of player scattered across the place).
  • Fixed some troop name misspellings.
  • Fixed Venice having Iberian culture instead of Italian.
  • Fixed some troops being incorrectly assigned to horse archer/archer category at game start.
  • Fixed bug where player couldn't recruit troops from his fief is his relation was 0 or less (now it's -5).
  • Fixed village recruitment menu informing that special mercs had headquarters there.
  • Fixed inability of hiring troops to a fief's garrison if it already had 400 or more troops.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a huge amount of unnecessary calculations during battle.
  • Fixed companion dialogue related to giving a fief and making him a lord.
  • Added missing exit option "Never mind" to companion's "let me ask you something".
  • Added native bugfixes from Floris.
  • Fixed spears breaking even if weapon break option was turned off.
  • Fixed ranged troops not firing properly at targets. This helps greatly in sieges where before they ended up shooting the walls most of the time.
  • Fixed besieging archers stalling in ladders/ramps and blocking the flow of troops. They will also use their ranged weapons whenever possible.

Tested to be working with version v1.172 of Warband.
Taleworlds Thread (same description from here).

Changelog here