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A small (in file size terms) addon for 1257AD v1.13 that add various OSPs and other things put together to enhance the base mod.

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Custom Troop Trees
KAOS Political KIT (Start as King, Prince or Vassal). Player receive money (random) and equipment. Quantity and quality depends on the player ranking. Different countries receive different equipment.
Troop ration bar in battles (RUBIK)
Player can inspect troop equipment
Can give troop orders to switch to additional weapon types (Caba`drin)                              
Bodyguards in scenes (Caba`drin)                         
Player actions in sieges and raids (Caba`drin)
Calvary that loses their horses become infantry (Caba`drin). Additionally, cavalry is automatically assigned to infantry during sieges.                 
Archers that run out of ammo are re-assigned to troop type 5 (Caba`drin code with minor edit)                 
Indictment spiral fix (ZSAR)                        
Changed kingdom's culture (you couldn't before, just the religion)
Tavern recruitment                            
Translated troop and party names fully (lords still have original names)                       
Balanced troop stats  
Increased bolt quiver capacity to 40-45        
Added previous button to banner choose presentation           
Player receives troops if noble start selected                  
Factions will spawn scouts, patrols, foragers, war parties, mercenary companies. The number depend on the amount of towns or/and castles they have.
New party spawns: rogue mercenary companies, fugitive serfs and rebels (beefed up peasant rebels)
Faction resurrection implemented
Player can kill prisoners, excluding lords
NPC lords will train their parties daily with trainer skill just like player does
Always choose side when joining battles
Post-battle kill count (v1.2)
Game menus to change various things like party sizes and merchant respawn rates and item count (v1.3)
Player gains renown if he kills enough enemies in a battle (every 5 kills = +1 renown) (v1.3)
New visit camp feature (v1.3)
New textures for female faces (no more ugly women!) (v1.3)

Fixed manor bug (copies of player scattered across the place)
Fixed some troop name misspellings

Current issues:
Tavern recruitment is bugged Removed for now
Changing your culture through companion minister is bugged (i think i fixed it) FIXED on v1.1
Battles on the map are bugged (they're SLOW, i think i fixed it but no time to test) FIXED on v1.1
Previous button to banner choose presentation is somewhat bugged (if you click previous on the start screen it shows other things than flags) Removed for now
Veteran and elite merc variants still use the lower tier armor. I will change this later since it's save compatible.
Check prisoner equipment is bugged.
Troop tree is broken (not necessarily, just that it only display 1 line of troops, and 1257AD has 2-3 for each faction)

You need the base 1257AD 1.13 version installed in your modules folder. The reason for this is because only the source from 1257AD is open source, so i cannot redistribute the assets around. Just extract the contents of the archive into the 1257AD folder and replace if prompted.

A new game is required. Will work with graphic mods as long as they don't replace the files included in the archive.

1257AD team for the base mod
Me for putting all these stuff together and bugfixing it
Lazeras for KAOS Political KIT OSP
Caba`drin from Taleworlds forum (several OS code pieces)
RUBIK for troop ration bar
ZSAR for Indictment spiral fix
Other people at Taleworlds forum for helping me fix some bugs