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This module re-balances certain aspects of Warband to make it less grindy and a little more rewarding yet making other aspects a little harder

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What this Module does/changes:

Add's Zephilinox's Perfectly Smooth, Mouse Enabled Deathcam
Add's Mercury19's Single Screen Character Creation
Cattle will now follow the player
Faction colors slightly changed
Food consumption slighty changed so that 1 unit of food feeds more troops
Money that Merchants have is higher
Enemy's will take longer to run away from fights
Tournament betting amounts have been increased
Tournament rewards have been increased
Arena rewards have been increased
XP gained from Tournament is doubled
Ammo for ranged weapons has been trippled
Troop Wages cost 25% less
AI Lord Partys are larger
Bandit groups are larger
Companions no longer complain about each other following battles
Adds a dialog option when a companion tries to leave "We hang deserters in this company"
Players base party size is increased
Enemy Lords have a lower chance of escaping after a battle
Max prisoner count is raised slightly
Quest repeat intervals are lowered
Town/village Improvement build times lowered slightly
Larger amount of troops can be recruited from villages