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1776 American Revolution v. 1.5 by Gabrilduro

December 02, 2010

I officially release this Mod to share with everybody the huge work that was done in this last version!!!


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[size=7]1776 American Revolution UPDATED v. 1.5 by Gabrilduro[/size]

OLD MESSAGE for Old Version 1.0
December 02, 2010

I officially release this Mod to share with everybody the huge work that was done in this last version!!!
I will try to upload it somewhere else, soon. But for now, try here and please be patiente.... :D
Thx to all the ppl that helped in this project, and on top of the Gabrilduro' s Bunch, thx to Celly for her huge help....and Caba' Drin for being so patiente and help us with so many issues !!
Thanks to all Modders, like Shredzorz, Idibil, Azrooh....and everybody that gave me support and allowed me to use their material.
-Thanks to my wife & my children .....for their patience :oops: ........and all our fans for their kind support!!!!! :green:


....most things work like charme, now.
Just please, when starting:
-Say NO to 16 companions all in 1st tavern
-NEVER EVER make RANDOM face generation . NEVER, please!
-DO NOT choose ALBANY as first Town to meet Merchant, it still crashes sometimes
-SAVE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, after Merhant gives you 1st mission, close the game to DESKTOP and load your last save. That helps to avoid some random CTD (Crashes To Desktop) and loads all musics and sounds of 1776 in a correct way (expecially if you played another WB mod, before )
-put to minimum all graphics, Battle size, Cheats off, etc. If all works good, improve some performances issues, step by step, and see what causes crashes.

IF STILL have bad PC or game issues, ........well....sit down confortable, and read (AND DO!!!) all steps here: (it is a pain in the butt, but it solved ALL my old Brytenwalda problems :wink: ),163475.msg3954028.html#msg3954028


Description of the Mod by 5arge:
I think the map is sexy as hell. Whoever made that wins a prize. I like to visit Keene because I partied there when I was in college. Nice to visit. The factions are laid out pretty nicely, and there is a rich landscape of different peoples all over the map. Those damn indians are a menace with their machine gun bows, but I love all the tribes. I think they are blended in well with the Colonies and the other European settlements. The stage is set nicely for adventure, and you can play as just about any kind of character you can imagine. An "American" ready to take up arms against the King. A Native American, fighting the Westward migration of the evil White Man. A European mercenary, come to this strange and far away land in search of glory. A nobleman, sent by their king to watch over his possessions. It's not just about the Revolution, it's about a rich period in history.

.New maps
.New troops
.New world
.New dialogs
.New items
NEW GAME ISSUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Gabrilduro's team: Alan de Soison, Auldman, Crumbs (not active a. t. m.), Celestialred, Custer, Dellivis, Radetzky

In the first version I got helped a lot by:
-Module system expert and helper: GASTON
-Scene maker Master: ANTIGONOS
-Historical consulent: Bearskull21
-Helpers: Leadtail

-Special thanks to the developers of many Mods that encouraged, helped and allowed to use their stuff:
NMC Mod - Custom Commander Mod- PBOD Mod - AGE OF FALSE INNOCENCE, Struggle for Bermia, Aquil for dark textures, Kill the infidel, Blood and Steel, Star wars, 1866, Mesoamerica (Great mod about Hernan Cortez), The blue and the grey (first WESTERN MODE!!!), China battlefield (2nd world war), Dejawolf, Talak, and Faradon for the use of their OSP, Berthout for the star city icon.
Hegemony 268 v.960, Yamabusi for wanderful highlanders costums and expecially, for always beeing supportive, BRYTENWALDA TEAM, the best historical and very complete M&B mod ever!! ....and a big thanks to RENAISSANCE AND TO THE GREAT -IYI-O-R-T- too !!!!!

I also updated 1755 Old Frontier mod
1755 TOPIC,157351.0.html
1755 VIDEO :lol: