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Reduces texture sizes of many objects and areas in ACOK 6.0+ to improve performance while also very barely affecting the way the game looks.

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ACOK is a great mod, I (used to) prefer it over A World of Ice and Fire. But a major flaw in ACOK is the large sizes of textures in many hard-to-notice things like small rocks and trees. I've reduced the textures of those things to about half of what they originally were, I also did the same to many building, weapon and armour textures as well. As I tested them in the mod, it looks very much the same but I had a noticeable FPS boost. People can reduce these textures on their own but it can be tedious and time consuming.

  • How to Install
  1. Download the rar/zip and open it when it completes.
  2. Drag the folder into your modules/ACOK.
  3. It should ask to replace the files, say Yes. (I also recommend to create a backup of your ACOK/textures folder in case you don't like the FPS boost)
  4. And you're done! Run the game as you normally do.

This'll work for any updated version of ACOK going forward.