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Skilled Magic Calradia v.0.9.5 (171) by High_priest_of_Ru
for Mount and Blade: Warband 1.171 or newer
Huge map and hardcore gameplay modification with many kinds of magic arts.

Permissions and credits
Skilled Magic Calradia v.0.9.5 (171) by High_priest_of_Ru
for Mount and Blade: Warband 1.171 or newer
Huge map and hardcore gameplay modification with many kinds of magic arts.

Not necessarily, try to play first.

1. Use 4GB patch. Look at the PERFORMACE folder and launch this patch. Then choose mb_warband.exe file in your core M&B directory and patch this. If you are using wrong or cracked M&B version (non-approved), then patch all of them. This helps the game to use more RAM.
Will hurt pirate copies of Warband. Ahoy!
2. Cap corpses in game options or even set its number on 0. There are very much summons and very much soldiers in fights, that's why large amount of corpses can hurt weak PC.
Still it shouldn't, because all of items have LODs now.
3. Decrease graphic settings. Many new models are taken from Skyrim and Oblivion, and that will hurt weak PC.
They have LODs. But of you have steam PC, it will be hurted.
If these advice didn't helped, please, report any encountered bugs and crashes to me with private message on MODDB or on following e-mail:
[email protected]


Use about 100 spells from 10 magic schools. Each school have from 1 to 3 different magic branches.
a. Arcane magic - cast powerful targeted Mystic Blast or manage ice and fire together (waiting for transferring/development)
b. Elemental Artefaction - Air, Fire, Earth and Ice missiles.
c. Advanced Elemental Magic - deal damage to different areas.
d. Telekinesis - create and manage dancing weapon and damage far located opponents with melee hits.
e. Holy magic - heal all people around.
f. Mental magic - turn NPC into state of fighting with each other or make them your servants.
g. Portal magic - teleport yourself or your opponents for short distance in battle at will.
h. Necromancy - summon great number of weak skeletons up to limit and sustain them.
i. Blood magic - stay near opponents to suck their blood or manage their and your blood.
j. Magic of Illusions - manage movement of opponents and allies and create illusions to fight by your side.


a. Core credits
Magic World by Pure Dark
Baldur Gate sounds of magic casting
Merlin's Magic Collection (New Age music)

b. Credits to authors of OSPs TES IV and weapon packs for Skyrim and Oblivion(all or almost all items are used).
Oblivion OSPs - by Nexxon, by Jojjo and by the authors' collective
Kearsage Magic Staves Pack for Skyrim
Defensive Staves v25d by Keersage for Skyrim (badly adopted and almost completely removed)
Macadamstreet Blesed magic staves pack for Skyrim
MC's Staff Pack for Skyrim
Crown Jewels by Khugan for Oblivion 
Blue Glass Weapons by killover509 for Oblivion
Crystal Staves mod by css0101 for Oblivion
Crystal Staffs mod by Rinzei for Oblivion
DaggerCraftPackage mod by faxivcm for Skyrim
Trollf's Armamentarium: Staffs v1.0 for Oblivion

c. Credits to authors of different M&B OSP packs of items (as a rule i used a few items from each).
TLD Team for Saruman rod, rivendell robe
Some models from Unique Armoury 1.1 by Talak
OSP Indo-Persian Armor by drakharios
Pino Armors Pack OSP v1.2
Skeleton model by barf
LotR: Gondor Equipment by Turambar (only mail boots)
Battlefield Priests for Calradia by Yamabusi
Some models (lightning) and scripts from Betrayal at Calradia by HokieBT
Arabian Equipment OSP by dia151
Angels, demons and gargoyle from 战争之风:新纪元 元宵整合精简版发布 by 无面的无名氏
OSP Spak_Items by Spak


1. ULTRA PRIORITY - Creating Arcane magic as magic school which will replace classic magic. Right now Council and Harmony factions are absolutely helpless without their Classic magic.
2. ULTRA PRIORITY - New Auras. Remaining schools: Telekinesis, Necromancy, Arcane Magic.
3. HIGH PRIORITY - Continuing changing logic of magic casting - not casting on firing but casting after long animation or by pressing button. NPC takes their own magical AI, which decides will they use magic or not. This change should apply to all existing magic schools. Right now done: Illusions, Portal.
4. HIGH PRIORITY - Adding all existing spells into SMC UI. Will go parallel previous point because spell UI includes button of casting. Right now done: Illusions, Portal.
5. Ritual magic as a system of magic interactions on the global map.
6. Completing transferring - work on several minor scripts which have been modified by TweakMB to save my time. They will be placed into module system where they were in original MOD.
7. Quest system for mages.
8. Continuing work on Archmagic, including new spells and Archmages among lords of medieval factions(not too hard, but not too high priority).
9. Balance changes and performance increase.


v.0.9.5 (171) - TRANSFERRED INTO WARBAND. Magic of Illusions and 13 its spells (including 6 auras). New magic faction - Magic Academy of Illusions. Reworked Portal Magic - now its really magic with many new items and different logic of casting. Experimental spells' UI. Deleted order panel. 3 auras of Mental magic. 1 new spell of Wild Magic. SPAK items OSP. Bugfixes, performance changes.
1 Description of blood manipulators' daggers is corrected - added distance of casting.
2. Due to several reports about invisible cursor i've deleted this from the MOD. IDK, why this was not work, i had working one on my PC.
4. Elemental Aura now is going without rest slot, but as triggered option. This shoulnd't change nothing at all except up performance a little. This change is going as a preparation to transfer modification to Warband, battle slots works not too good there.
5. Blood magic is going by the same way now.
6. Added dueling magic wand of wild magic. It does twice less damage then Wand of Wild magic, have 3 spells before casting instead of 4 and requires 3rd level of advanced elemental magic. Old staff now requires 6th level of this magic skill. Description is addedd/fixeds.
7. Wild mages have got dueling wand, Wild Wizards have better knowledge of Elemental magic.
8. Magic window and unused Magic Wold elements are deleted. Still i am keeping this into credits, Magic World is a parent of Skilled Magic Calradia.
9. Added experimental feature of spell UI for all spells and auras of Portal Magic. Take its artifacts in battle and you will find something new in user interface. Auras and spells are shown by wielding and wearing artifacts.
10. Order panel is deleted due to conflicts with SMC UI and my suggestions about medieval fight without map. You need to scout an opposite army instead of real time seeing. Probably special skill (Mysticism? Divination) will later unlock this panel.
11. Legendary Mentors have white description now because their old red descr was quite hard to read. Abundance of these artifacts is decreased from 100 to 35 as they occupied weapon shops so much.
12. Mental tricks and magic skill now based on charisma instead of intelligence.
13. Fixed MS problem which caused problems with learning reserved skills by NPC.
14. Twice more artifacts in shops.
15. Added Magic school of Illusions - 6 staffs, 6 spells. Mages of this school manages opponents' and allies' speed and creates shadows to fight by their side. There are 2 branches in this magic schools - mages of first blocks opponents movement, and mages of second enhances movement of allies and decreases movement speed of opponents.
16. Elemental Auras are reworked, now Evokers' Auras requires 3 points is Advanced Elemental Magic. Description is updated and is more detailed now.
17. Added 3 new Auras of Mental Magic. These spells checks HP of hear opponents and, of this is bellow threshold, forcing opponents to fight by caster's side. 
18. Different Illusions of humans have arrived (and probably later there will be something like illusions of towers, dragons etc).
19. Reworked started courage in battles. Now opponents will not flee after couple of second of battle with magic.
20. Every lord party takes 3 different vampires instead of 6 vampire of single random type. I consider them dark councilors of aristocrats, not a little army.
21. As Magic of Illusions is close range magic school - but still is not melee - when you are AI have wielded staff of Illusions, your speed is decreased by 50%. This should force AI to not taking part in melee fight alongside warriors, casting spells couple of meters behind.
22. Castles food stores are restoring in 10 days instead of 2 hours. So you can take castles without assault if you want.
23. Lords and centers have got scout reports (affect alarms, fleeing) in 2 hours instead in 30 ingame mins.
24. Due to Warband diplomacy there is no such number of wars as you could see in original mod. But still chance of provocation in quite high.
25. Some minor scripts edited in attempt to clone changes i made for original M&B.
26. Added items from OSP Spak_Items by Spak.
27. Due to problems with making LODs for LOTR armor portal mages have got armor from SPAK OSP. Their armor and equipment is absolutely changed and is far more diverse now.
28. Portal Magic (and its branch of Time Magic) is reworked as magic with casting not with scripts on weapon shoot. Now you can press F to cast Portal spells up to limit, limit is setting to 0 every 60 seconds. AI uses Portal Magic based on distance to opponents - they've got own magic AI.
29. Added grandiose collection of 26 shields which were teleported by portal mages from inner worlds. You can collect then and in next update you will able to interact with them in Ritual magic. 
30. Added background of mage of illusions.
31. Portals now have blue color of particles, when mental attack is still green.
32. Now spear of legatus teleports caster back for 2 steps instead of 5.
33. Horses are changed as they were in my original MOD, divided into roles of chargers and maneuvered ones. Arabian horses joined 2nd rank of horses (as coursers and hunters) and given to wild mages and wizards.
34. Horses have got reminder in their name about their ranks and training.
35. Bolts are unable to penetrate shields now. They have enough damage in my mod to give them such imbalance trait - they can easily break shield down.
36. Trivial staffs which are used by vaegir archers have decreased by 20 weapon speed due to their excessive power.
37. Pikes are not fully transferred, just warband ones have got more weapon speed. I know, this is not realistic, but warband engine makes pikes with realistic speed is almost useless.
38. Throwing weapon not overwritten but reworked. Cut ones have up to 80 damage, pierce - up to 70. All have 20 shot speed and decreasing weapon speed from 80 to 55, increasing difficulty from 0 to 5 and increasing cost from 100 to 1000. Melee variants are not reworked - so there is huge damage difference between throwing and melee modes.
39. Magic shields have got description.
40. Added 6 Auras spells for Illusion magic school. They slows opponents in area near caster. First branch decreases speed of enemies by 90% each 10 sec in 3/5/7 steps area, and sec 75/50/25% each 3 secs in 3/4/5 steps area.
41. Mages of Illusions have got their own faction. Their troop tree doesn't consist any melee troops - they are considering as summoners of illusions which have limit in 100 (as well as skeletons). Core feature of Illusionists is that they cant spawn big number of illusions when there is no opponents near casters, BUT illusions are more powerful than skeletons.
42. Reinforcements of Illusion Academy consists of 10 mages, as well as Legions'. About 40% of them are illusionists, which can bless allies, and 60% - which can heavily curse opponents (forbidding their movement).
43. Deleted normal covers of vampire daggers' textures. This fixed problem with numerous little black stains on these daggers.
44. Magic Academy of Illusion now occupies place in Magic Forest near academy of Mental magic.
45. Added Archmage' artifact of Illusions. This is tool of 2nd branch of this school which allows to summon more illusions and affect more creatures.
46. Added spell UI for magic of Illusions. Next spell UI will be added as magic will be reworked at the side of true casting instead of weapon shots. The reason - UI elements includes buttons of casting, and these buttons probably will change.
47. Added mages for hire in Illusion Academy and captured by this culture city. 
48. Enemies will not run away before 300 seconds (6 minutes) will gone.
49. As faction leader have 100 soldiers, faction marshall ahve got 500 additional soldier capacity. Each castle gives 50 additional soldiers for AI.
50. Lords have got 75% chance of escape after battle instead of 70 but 25% escape from town/castle instead of 30.
51. chance of getting ransom offer for captured lord is increased 10 times (to 50% instead of 5%), but the game checks for this chance not every day, but every week (7 times decreased. Also this gives guarantee chance of at least 3 trying to escape, so without castle lord will be almost guarantee escape before ransom when for castle owners ransom offer is more predictable).