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Skilled Magic Calradia v.0.9.9 by High_priest_of_Ru
for Mount and Blade: Warband 1.172
Huge and hardcore gameplay modification with many kinds of magic arts. Its balance was built for about 400 soldiers on the battlefield. Take it into consideration, using Battlesizer, if your PC allows.

Permissions and credits
Skilled Magic Calradia v.0.9.9 by High_priest_of_Ru
for Mount and Blade: Warband 1.172
Huge and hardcore gameplay modification with many kinds of magic arts. Its balance was built for about 400 soldiers on the battlefield. Take it into consideration, using Battlesizer, if your PC allows.


Not necessarily, try to play first.

1. Use 4GB patch. Go to official site of Daniel Pistelli and download his patch. Then choose mb_warband.exe file in your core M&B directory and patch this. If you are using wrong or cracked M&B version (non-approved), then patch all of them. This helps the game to use more RAM on x64 systems.
Will hurt pirate copies of Warband. Ahoy!
2. Cap corpses in game options or even set its number on 0. There are very much summons and very much soldiers in fights, that's why large amount of corpses can hurt weak PC.
Still it shouldn't, because all of items have LODs now.
3. Decrease graphic settings. Many new models are taken from Skyrim and Oblivion, and that will hurt weak PC.
They have LODs. But of you have steam PC, it will be hurted.
4. If you see no cursor in the game, go to Texture directory in SMC folder and delete "".
Don't even know, why this problem appears. I am able to see cursor even on my old PC.
5. If any alied creature was affected by your magic (created, damaged etc.) and begins to gaze at you and follow you - create through holding F1 position for its army branch to hold. When there will be enemies near, the creature will fight them and forget about you.
These are just remorses, the engine tries to fill our soul with.
If these advice didn't helped, please, report any encountered bugs and crashes to me with private message on MODDB or on following e-mail:
[email protected]


Use about 120 spells from 10 magic schools. Each school have from 1 to 4 different magic branches.

a. Arcane magic - create arcane rifts or manage ice and fire together without harming alies.
b. Elemental Artefaction - Air, Fire, Earth and Ice missiles.
c. Advanced Elemental Magic - deal damage to different areas.
d. Telekinesis - create and manage dancing weapon and damage far located opponents with melee hits.
e. Holy magic - heal all people around or harm evil beings.
f. Mental magic - turn NPC into state of fighting with each other or make them your servants.
g. Portal magic - teleport yourself or your opponents for short distance in battle at will.
h. Necromancy - summon great number of weak skeletons up to limit and sustain them.
i. Blood magic - stay near opponents to suck their blood or manage their and your blood.
j. Magic of Illusions - manage movement of opponents and allies and create illusions to fight by your side.


a. Core credits
Magic World by Pure Dark
Baldur Gate sounds of magic casting
Merlin's Magic Collection (New Age music)

b. Credits to authors of OSPs TES IV and weapon packs for Skyrim and Oblivion(all or almost all items are used).
Oblivion OSPs - by Nexxon, by Jojjo and by the authors' collective
Kearsage Magic Staves Pack for Skyrim
Defensive Staves v25d by Keersage for Skyrim (badly adopted and almost completely removed)
Macadamstreet Blesed magic staves pack for Skyrim
MC's Staff Pack for Skyrim
Crown Jewels by Khugan for Oblivion 
Blue Glass Weapons by killover509 for Oblivion
Crystal Staves mod by css0101 for Oblivion
Crystal Staffs mod by Rinzei for Oblivion
DaggerCraftPackage mod by faxivcm for Skyrim
Trollf's Armamentarium: Staffs v1.0 for Oblivion
Coolman's Dagger Collection for Oblivion
Vanilla staff replacer by zymurgy65 for Oblivion

c. Credits to authors of different M&B OSP packs of items (as a rule i used a few items from each).
TLD Team for Saruman rod, rivendell robe
Some models from Unique Armoury 1.1 by Talak
OSP Indo-Persian Armor by drakharios
Pino Armors Pack OSP v1.2
Skeleton model by barf
LotR: Gondor Equipment by Turambar (only mail boots)
Battlefield Priests for Calradia by Yamabusi
Some models (lightning) and scripts from Betrayal at Calradia by HokieBT
Arabian Equipment OSP by dia151
Angels, demons and gargoyle from 战争之风:新纪元 元宵整合精简版发布 by 无面的无名氏
OSP Spak_Items by Spak
OSP Map Icons by Akosmo


1.1. Add Enerdy Manipulation magic school, which should allow to damage close staying opponent. It should be available for each wizard based on his current mastery of special skill.
1.2. Add Demonology (if i will find enough number of animated demon models), main feature of which will be spawn of permanently hostile creatures, that can - and will - turn versus summoners, but also will suffer additinal damage over time of existing in real world. Demonology of player's allies should be able to be temporarily disabled through pressing special button.
2. Add non-active neutral map points of evil magic orders, which will spawn parties of mages lead by Archmages.
3.1. Ritual Magic - add self-transformation Complex Rituals.
3.2. Ritual Magic - add damaging and other Global Rituals.
3.3. Ritual Magic - add creating aura artifacts through Enchantments.
4.1. Add special interactions with new parties on the global map. F.e., hiring high rank mages from lesser lords' parties for gold items, rising rebels with wasting gold, making different bandits your own vassals, which can help you in fights etc.
4.3. Add archmage consumable spells (1 time per fight) for each magic school - based on Conjuration (this magic school was in SMC before and was changed with Evocation) for elemental, tower duel for portal etc.
4.2. Add new Archmages' artifacts to Enchantments.
5. Quest system for mages.
6. Balance changes and performance increase.

v.0.9.9 (171) - 40 new particle effects. 12 new high rank spells, revision of others. 20 new models. Global Concept of Magic Ranks. Revised merchant's gold and alchemy cost. Revised global map AI and difficulty. Bugfixes. Large boost of balance changes. Important performance boost.
1. Situation with mages' ranks have completely clarified. Concept of magic levels is bellow, concrete changes are in this changelog, starting from 24.
Battle mages.
There are many troop trees, where player and AI can built mage from recruit. But all of these mages are "battle" - comparatively weak mages with not good magic knowledge (1-7 levels) or artifacts. They possess especially large their magic school's disadvantages - rare spells, small areas etc. Their artifacts can be useful only in hands of high speed/fighter skilled player or in large packs of AI. Battle mages can be found in every war party, without limits.
High mages.
There are some non-hero mages, which can not be built from troop trees. These mages are "high" - powerful wizards, each of which can deal large damage to opponents or sustain your army. They are using artifacts of high magic knowledge (8th level), which possess spirit of magic school - the biggest area of effect and fastly casting spells. Their magic artifacts are very useful and expensive ones. High mages are commanders of some patrols and can be taken by AI or center party in low amount, if there are no such mages on trigger check.
And there are hero mages, which, of course, can not be built from troops, but can exist on the global map at amount above 1. These mages are "archmages" - those, who achieved highest magic peaks in their magic school. They are using 2 types of artifacts - 1-time per battle using "throwing" spells of 9th level and instant magic staffs of 10 level. They overcame limits of trivial wizards and now own unique spells, which can reveal all their magic school's hidden potential. Their spells are more powerful, but casts often less frequently, than high mages' ones. These spells have additional or even unique effect, which is thematic for magic school and differs from effect of lower ranks mages' spells. But, in other hand, magic staffs of Archmages have feature called Chaos Touch, that have 20% chance to deal damage to wizard on casting. Archmages are all hero mages - faction leaders, lords and evil orders' masters.

2. Changed animation of magic spells, which need a direction to be chosen, to onehanded thrust attack. Other spells. which are at most AoE near caster, have previous cheer casting animation.
3. Due to immense number of high-costing items number of gold, shoplifters have, increased significantly. In weapon and armor shops you can see up to 12 000 gold, and if check will find it less, this number will be increased from 2 000 to 6 000. Stables have 8 000 threshold and increasing from 1 000 to 4 000, and goods merchants are able to carry up to 20 000 denars and reinforce their purse from 3 000 to 9 000 per time.
4. Cost of alchemy potions and ingredients is revised. Potions of 1/2/3/4/5 Circles now cost 1000/2750/4500/6250/8000 instead of 4000/5000/6000/7000/8000. Alchemic spirit and blood essence now cost 500/1000 instead of 1000/2000. Plants now cost 100 instead of 250. Remember, that ingame prices are about 2x more for buy and 2x less for sale with modificator based on trade skill.
5. Red messages on village loot are hidden.
6. Wild magic wands now can be used for thrust attack. Spell animation is deleted as it was not correct for hoses. Also they are carrying like daggers.
7. Adding experience to troops from spells causes very strange mistakes, like sovereigns of 1000+ levels (???), which forces to run every party on the global map from their one. Now exp adds only if caster is player. Other mates, including companions, will advance only by gaining kills or post-battle exp.
8. Restructurized MS changes and tweaks. Now should create less mistaks during building the module.
9. Disabled loss of stats in long games.
10. Minimum relation with village to get a large party increased from 7 to 20. Size of minimum recruit pack is increased from 0 to 5.
11. Prosperity, losed per capture of locality is decreased from -5 to -2.
12. Increased number of prosperity lost at villages, infested with bandits, every 72 hours.
13. Increased number of prosperity lost at looted village, from -30 to -50.
14. Cattle again driven by player, not following him.
15. Reworked logic of counting parties' strength for ai deciding. It was storing their level, operating and multiplicating this number on soldiers in stack. This operating includes some weird balance things, like exponentiation (!?) level of creature, that is not good enough for balancing mages, who can have higher level, but it could be enough couple of cavalry soldiers to beat. Now in counting party strength the game takes level of not-wounded creature and counts it as 10/15/20/25 points of strength per creature, if his level is 25-/50-/75-/75+.
16. In counting causalities and processing battle simulation also a bit changed logic of counting. Every party 's rounds of charges counts as 1.3% of power +1 (was 5% + strange counts). In sieges power of defenders also 50% higher, and attackers - 50% less (was 23% higher and ~19% less). This change compensate previous one, and actually there is something about the same fighting speed as it was.
17. Hiring cost of reinforcements in AI parties is significantly decreased (from 600/450/300 for levels of difficulty to 100/100/100). SMC is considered to be hardcore despite the level:)
18. Number of hiring rolls (each of them determine adding squad of reinforcements to parties each 24 hours) in increased. It was 1 + (random from 0 to 2) for hard level of campaign (and about 1-2 for lower ones) for both centers and parties, now that's 1 + (random from 1 to 3) for parties and 2 + (random from 0 to 5) for centers. Levels of difficulty aren't taking into account now.
19. Messages, connected with sieges (besieging, lifting sieges, capturing localities) are lighted by blue as they are quite important massages.
20. Time speed on the global map decreased from 0.25 to 0.10 to up performance. Works wonderful. To compensate, movement speed of parties increased by 300%.
21. Due to changed timeflow frequency of hiring soldiers increased from 1 per 24 hours to 1 per 6 hours.
22. By the same reason initial preparation time for AI before the assault is decreased from 24 to 9 hours.
23. Fixed name of lesser lord of Legions (now named Aedile).
24. Added hints about mages' ranks.
25. Added 2nd background of Magus possessed, allowing to get 1st levels in both mana skills and a bit renown and intelligence by the cost of charisma 
26. Fixed Ritual magic description.
27. Every 24 hours goes trigger check, does center or hero party (not player's) have high mages or not. If not, adding 5 mages for castles, 3 - for lords' parties, 9 - for towns and 7 - for kings'.
28. Spells of high mages are revised - Chaos Touch feature is deleted, parameters of area hit are decreased.
29. Added Immense Light spell and artifact Magic staff of Apostle for this. This is spell of Archmages of Holy magic, which allows to affect 30-steps area near caster with both Holy warrior's and priest's magic, crushing evil beings and healing everyone. This spell adds 900 XP on cast and can cause Chaos Touch. Damage of its staff set to 20 to be dealt not at instakill value.
30. Apostle's Blessing is renamed to Archpriest's blessing. Instead of double rush of Saint's Blessing (for 30+30%) it heals one time for 50%. Chaos Touch is not causing. This artifact costs 50000 denars now. Artifact is called Green germinated crystal staff.
31. Angel Calling spell now require 9th level of Holy Magic instead of 10 and causes Chaos Touch now.
32. Next spells are added to (or their picture is updated in) Spell UI: Immense Light, Angel Calling, Sprays of Elemental Evocations, Portal of Time, Immense Darkness, Call to the Darkness, Ritual Portal, Inner Coronation, Fountain of Blood, Final Judgement, Blood Essence, Military Milieu, Colored Nightmare, Psychokinesis, Overlord's Decree, Sovereign's Will, Unreal Milieu, Astral Rift, Astral Shake, Archpriest's Blessing. Mentors UI pictures is also shown.
33. Hierophant of Holy Temple and its Apostles got Archmage's staffs. Apostles lost horses, because Archmage's staff unable to be used on the horseback. Holy essence is deleted from their inventory. Holy Magic level is set to 10. Added consumable artifact of Seraphs.
34. Description of Holy magic artifacts is updated. Warrior-mages' armor' description is shortened. There is no message of Major Healing now as it's not high mages' or archmages' spell.
35. All mentors are matched to new casting system and magic ranks, its description in Archmage apprentice quest is updated. Added to SMC UI. Their cost still is the most high among all SMC items as they adds unique opportunity for player and his companions to use magic spell without seeking matching with skill level staff. As there are 400+ magic items in SMC, to find one of them is a hard task.
36. Added 8 new thunder effects (large lightning from the sky). Staffs of air mages now summons random effects from this row.
37. Elemental Archmages now casts their spells not like one large explosion, but like storm - 9 charges of particles, releasing at random place inside affected area. Now done - air, fire.
38. All mages-lords of elemental academies got Archmages' staffs and renamed from colored wizards to Archmages. From their and high mages' inventories were deleted magic essence.
39. Fixed bug with elemental high mages' staffs. They required not 10 skill of Advanced elemental Magic (as it was mentioned), but 7. Now they require 7 skill to unleash controlled spell (for mana cost by pressing button) and 8 - to additional. Description is fixed.
40. Added 6 new fire explosion effects. All effects, which are creating small fire explosions, now summons random effect from this row.
41. Added lightning auralike ball, which is summoned on Wild magic strikes and artifact rods using (launching elemental missiles).
42. Added yellow aura, which is summoned when holy warriors-mages and Archmages damaging evil beings.
43. Added 6 ice explosion effects. All effects, which are creating small ice explosions, now summons random effect from this row.
44. Added 6 crushing force effects. All effects, which are creating small earth blood explosions, now summons random effect from this row.
45. Fixed bug with necromancy, when its staffs used player mana for cast, even if were at AI hands.
46. Added 5 portal effects. All effects, which are creating portals, now summons random effect from this row.
47. Declared as feature, that Sigil of Elemental Aura can deal strike with 800% speed bonus if charging on opponent at appropriate time. It can deal damage, equal to lance' one even in hands of unskilled creature. Description is updated.
48. Abundance of both Sigils is increased from 70 to 90. Sigils of Elemental Aura is renamed to Sigil of Aura Empowerment. Skins of both are changed.
49. Coolman's Dagger Collection for Oblivion (8 dagger models) is adopted to be used for sigils and high rank spell artifacts.
50. Mentors' abundance is decreased to 1 from 35.
51. Deleted message about Teleport spell as it's not high or archmagic' spell.
52. Added message on automatic casting Sprays of Elemental Evocations as it's high mages' spells.
53. Portal to Inner Worlds spell now belongs to Archmage rank, so it adds 900 exp on cast instead of 450. Also portal particle appears both on caster and summoned mage.
54. Added Portal of Time spell for high mages of Portal magic. It allows caster to open portal forward and throw all creatures at 10 steps area 20 steps forward 10 steps back and then teleport to this area forward with every creature at 10-steps distance neat caster. Add 450 exp on cast and have message. Requires 8th level of Inner Movement. It's artifact is a sword, named Artifact sword of Centurio. Its abunbance is 5. It's spell limit per minute is 6+mana orbs. AI uses this spell, if there is opponents at distance between 9 and 70 steps forward the caster.
55. Princeps' guard officers got artifact of Portal of Time instead Legatus' spear. Their Inner Movement skill is decreased from 10 to 8.
56. Artifact swords of Portal mages got 80/70/60 abundance for battle mage's ranks.
57. Description of Illusion staffs is shortened to be displayed at larger font.
58. Added check for magic script, is player alive or not, because casting spells while dead caused crushes.
59. Added Immense Darkness spell. At 10-steps area 50 steps forward the caster health of all creatures set to 50% and 10 skeletons are arrived, if the limit allows. If the limit is overcame, the spell deals additional damage to all affected creatures. This spell is a spell of Archmages of Necromancy and adds 900 exp on cast. Added artifact with description. Causes Concentration and Chous Touch.
60. Reworked encounter scene. Now there is no more overrided helmets.
61. Ritual Portal and Inner Coronation spells now requires 9th rank of Arcane magic as they are archmage consumables.
62. Added counting of current number of parties each 12 hours and showing proper message.
63. Returned assigning fiefs each 3 days to lords as it was in 1.011.
64. Adopted Vanilla staff replacer for Oblivion by zymurgy65 and its 12 models to be used for new spells.
65. Lich's staff is forbidden to use on horseback. Hunters are deleted from lichs' inventories as well as necromancy essence. Lichs' staffs are replaced with archmage and archmage consumables in the lords' inventories. Cost of Lich's staff is decreased to 50000. Major Raising spell notofication is deleted as it's not enough high rank spell now. Heroes got reminds in their title, that they are archmages.
66. Added black particle effect for damage of Immense Darkness.
67. Overlord's Decree range is decreased to 750, spell renamed to Sovereign's Will. As Overlord's Decree now is going spell, which have 650 area of effect and creates 10 cultists amond affected guys. Notification on casting Endless Fight is deleted.
68. Archmage consumable of Mental magic now require 9 skill. Cost, description is revised. Both high ranks staffs are impossible to use on horseback now. All proper changes to match Mental magic with Concept are done too.
69. Added 2 particle effects for Mental magic.
70. Decreased number of high mages and captains in courtier's squad from 10 to 3. Modifiers of Global Concept of Lord Armies are applying.
71. Due to matching mentors with new casting system they are not shoot missiles now - only spellcast by wasting mana and blocking enemy attacks in melee are available.
72. Nightmare spell adds 900 exp instead of 450. High magic of Illusions - 450. Both spells summons spree of random colored illusions instead of purple ones. Name of Purple Nightmare is cahnged to Colored Nightmare. Chaos Touch is added for archmage's staff.
73. Unreal Milieu spell as spell of high mages of Illusions. This chooses random opponent at the range lower then 10 steps, forbids its movement for a while and surrounds it with 9 illusions. Added mentorlike staff of illusions for its spell, added to high mages of illusions' inventory.
74. Magic of Illusions now creates messages om limit exceeding as it checks illusions limit at the battlefield.
75. Number of artifact rods is decreased to 2 per shop at refresh tick. Onehanded weapon, including magic staff, increased from 5 to 10.
76. Astral Rift spell as spell of high mages of Arcane magic. This creates row from 6 arcane rifts on up to 60-steps distance and engulfs opponents at 10-steps distance near caster in charge of ice and fire. Adds 150 exp per cast. Added magic staff.
77. Astral Shake spell as spell of archmages of Arcane magic. This creates tridentlike row from 14 arcane rifts on up to 60-steps distance and engulfs opponents at 10-steps distance near caster in charge of ice and fire. Adds 300 exp per cast. Added magic staff.
78. Arcane rift particles are changed - 3 new ones.
79. Equipment and magic skills of members of Arcane order faction and high mages is revised - archmage staff + archamge consumable + 10 magic skill for heroes and highmagestaff + 9 magic skill for high mages.
80. Stacking Arcane aura interacts with high rank items too.
81. Fountain of Blood spell as spell of high mages of Blood magic. It damages up to 10 opponents, heals up to all health and creates red shadow to aid the mage in battle. Its artifact.
82. Final Judgement spell as spell of high mages of Blood magic. It set health of all opponents around at 10, own - at 90, and creates red shadow to aid mage in battle. Its artifact.
83. Blood Essence spell as spell of archmages of Blood magic. This damages an opponents, greatly heals its owner and creates by opponent's back fragile and almost immobile Scarlet Projection of the dagger, which each 0.1 sec damages random opponent at close distance. Its artifact. As it's very powerful spell, especially was many badly armored or a few good armored opponents, the projection have 2% chance per cast to be effected by Chaos Touch.
84. Red Shadows and Scarlet Projection are added to Challenge Arena as powerful magic creatures-opponents.
85. Added 2 high mages of Blood magic - Vampire Count and Justice Master. They can be randomly met in any courtier's party.
86. Added new particle effect for blood magic.
87. Blood Magic spells now adds exp on cast - the same number as Arcane - 10/30/50/150/300 for 1/2/3/high/archmage's ranks of magic.
88. All archmage consumables now can be used on horseback. All high and archmage staffs can not be used this way.
89. Military Milieu spell as spell of high mages of Telekinesis. This chooses random opponent at the range lower then 20 steps, and surrounds it with 6 dancing weapon. Its artifact.
90. Psychokinesis spell as spell of archmages of Telekinesis. This stores number of creatures in 10-steps area at the distance of 50 steps and creates proper number of Dancing weapon, but not more than 20. If the lomit is exceed, the spell takes one random enemy soldier, teleports him to a position forward the caster and damages. Its artifact.
91. Added Master of Ceremonies - high mages of Telekinesis. Can be met at any courtiers' party.
92. Standart Patrols now includes high mage of Blood magic (vampire count in mdieval factions' and justice masters - in magic ones), Patrolling Wizards' - high mage of Telekinesis.
93. Due to engine limitations for weapon length Telekinesis length was changed. Archmage artifacts have 950 range, other - bellow. High rank telekinesis artifacts makes swing hits only.
94. Archmages added to lord lists of all factions. Common magic academies got telekinetic and vampire archmages (revealers and head of guards), mental academy got nothing,legatus - vampire and telekinetic instead of legio 1 legatuses, trivial factions - 3 archmages based on magic schools, mastered in the country, plus telekinetic and vampire, temples got nobody, arcane orders got telekinetic. Tzar turned from arcane mage into Archmage of Telekinesis, king - into vampire. Titles of mages are changed to allow recognize their magic school.
95. Added hint about resolving problem with summoning magic school - ordering summoned creatured to hold a position through F1.
96. Willpower requirement of all High mages' artifacts is set at 18, of Archmages - at 24 - despite the fact, that requirements of lower raks artifacts may be more or not at all.
97. Added 'historical' script, which are called every week to force factions to set random, but logically approved relations (one random from the list of possible among: conflict between Temples, between Arcane Order Factions, between Illusion and Mental Academy, between Empire and Kingdom, between Association and Tzardom, between Fire and Ice and Earth and Air magic academies). If there are less then 4 available (not started or impossible due to destroyed factions) conflicts, script does nothing to not spoil current politic situation - i mean, it is traditionally enough. Added hint about.
98. Archmages' and High mages' artifacts can have only balanced, tempered and masterwork quality, not bellow.