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Tainted Paths attempts to provide you with a fun and unique large-scale experience, with a captivating story that is shaped by you, the player. From swords and chainmails to muskets and plate armours you will be able to fight and conquer multiple periods, across multiple continents.

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Tainted Paths attempts to provide you with a fun and unique large-scale experience, with a captivating story that is shaped by you, the player. From swords and chainmails to muskets and plate armours you will be able to fight and conquer multiple periods, across multiple continents.

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Scenery:For full list of images, refer to the Images section in the Taleworlds thread

Factions:Note: availability of factions depends on era.
1. Abassid
2. Achaemenid
3. Africans tribe
4. Aksum
5. Almohad
6. American natives
7. American natives
8. Americans tribe
9. Anglo-Scandinavian
10. Arab tribe
11. Arabians tribe
12. Aragon
13. Ayyubid
14. Aztec
15. Bukhara
16. Byzantine Empire
17. Cao Cao
18. Carthage
19. Chagatai
20. Chahar
21. Crusader States
22. Denmark
23. Denmark-norway
24. England
25. Espana
26. France
27. Fujiwara
28. Galicia-Volyn
29. Ghurid
30. Gongsun Zan
31. Goryeo
32. Granada
33. Habsburg
34. Hindus tribe
35. Holy Roman Empire
36. Hungary
37. Huns
38. Inca
39. Independent clan
40. Independent eastern states
41. Independent european states
42. Independent states
43. Indochinas tribe
44. Ireland
45. Jadaran
46. Jin
47. Joseon
48. Jurchen
49. Kara Khitan
50. Khereid
51. Khiva
52. Khmer
53. Khwarazmian
54. Kievan Rus
55. Leon
56. LiJue GuoSi
57. Lithuania
58. Liu Bei
59. Liu Biao
60. Liu Zhang
61. Lu Bu
62. Ma Teng
63. Macedonia
64. Majapahit
65. Minamoto
66. Ming
67. Moldavia
68. Mongol Empire
69. Mori
70. Morocco
71. Mughal
72. Muromachi shogunate
73. Muscovite tsard
74. Native tribe
75. Native tribe (2nd)
76. Nomads
77. Norway
78. Novgorod
79. Oda
80. Otomo
81. Ottoman
82. Pioneers
83. Poland
84. Portugal
85. Rome
86. Safavid
87. Scotland
88. Seljuk
89. Shimazu
90. Siam
91. Sicily
92. Small factions
93. Song
94. Songhai
95. Sun Ce
96. Sweden
97. Taira
98. Takeda
99. Teutonic Order
100. Tibet
101. Transylvania
102. Tsangpa
103. Uesugi
104. United Provinces
105. Wallachia
106. XiXia
107. Yuan Shao
108. Yuan Shu
109. Zagwe
The mod currently requires Warband V1.168 or higher!
Current Features:
- Multiple unique pieces of gear, that are acquireable only through certain methods, such as the famed fictional Excalibur which allows you to slice through multiple enemies with each attack!
- Over 1600+ new items freshly made for you to experience!
- Several religions included in the game, as well as the ability to change or leave your religion.
- Multiple cultures included in the game, as well as the ability to change your culture!
- Brand new world map covering most of earth, spanning from the Americas all the way to the middle east and back!
- Improved siege battles, featuring catapults, trebuchets, battering rams, and your old favorite ladders too of course!
- Weather systems featuring sandstorms, dust storms, and blizzards!
- Multiple starting choices, ranging from a respected Monarch, all the way to a lowly bandit or pirate!
- Player permanent death and characters permanent death!
- Disasters, affecting everyone in the game depending on certain traits and skills they might have!
- Coup d'etat and conspiracies!
- Religious wars and massive holy wars!
- Unique character leveling and trait adaptability
- Rivalries
- Improved combat flow with animations, sounds, and textures!
- Horn sounds during battles for both AI and the player!
- Deep quests intertwined within the world, where your decisions shape their course
- Decapitation and gore!
- Fully rewritten combat system!
- Fully rewritten political system, ranging from military alliances, to declaring war. Also a place where rivalries can arise when disagreements happen!
- Deep financial and political system: taxing, culture, building structures, and more!
- Monarchies and Republics, each with their own changes in Politics and Finance!
- Unsettled land where you can build your own settlements!
- An intuitive and revolutionary battle commanding system, allowing you to dive deep into the heat of battle and control your armies to the best extent possible!
- Selectable eras to play featuring different factions and gear!
- Improved AI decision making, making them able to produce strategies both in the overworld and during battles by using tactical strategies to beat their opponent
- Improved AI combat systems (feint, kick, retreat, reform, track, backup, formations, shield bash and more!)
- Hundreds of new events depending on your character status (King-vassal-neither).
- World-map events such as storms, floods, fires, epidemics and more.
- Particle effects for hitting shields.
- Weapon breaking
- Hardcore mode makes several changes to the game making every battle important towards your characters wellbeing, with persistant injuries, and other things to discover.
- Extended camera mode, allowing the player to adjust the camera to their preference, you can now view in your character in a top down view, and any angle you want.
- Troops use torches during night-time.
- Dynamic skybox!
- Terrain-aware music system for all situations, depending on where you are, and what is going on. Providing the player with an immersive experience into the world!
- Political marriages!
- Random Events while travelling some with benefits/consequences depending on the choice you choose!
- Even more Random Events for Kings with benefits/consequences depending on the choice you choose!
- Realistic Ballistics.
- Realistic sounds from hitting a wooden shield to grunting and death sounds.
- Many other features!
Faycal Kilali
Taleworlds thread
Contributors:Feodor Gerasimov (Original warwolf mod)
Molda (Original warwolf mod)
Hispania 1200 (Animations and minor things)
CWE Team
Warwolf (Original mod by Feodor Gerasimov, & Molda)
OSP's used:Refer to the Taleworlds thread

Greetings, I would appreciate anyone who spots mis-translations and grammatical errors within the Module, if you wish to assist that would be great!
To start it off, first you should write the thing you believe is incorrect or you want to change it to a more accurate term, regardless of how minor it is. Afterwards write the phrase corrected to the best extent of your abilities.
Use this for example:
(Old phrase with issues) -- (New phrase fixed by you)
Example:(If you see tis bug, report to) -- (If you've seen this bug message, please report it to the developers.)
I will proof read each issue and apply it to future patches if its sufficient.
You may also come to Discord to discuss if you wish.