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Created by Innocuous, this version of native singleplayer aims to bring new life to Warband by adding splashes of color through community made OSP packages and patched functionality.

Permissions and credits
Tired of playing this game? Can't wait for Bannerlord? I made this mod for you, just to make you happy until it is released! The goal of this mod is to make the game more fun to play by making it both less grindy and more difficult. The entire mod is OSP, meaning you can use it to your heart's content (for Taleworlds games)  as long as you give credit.

Feature List:
  • Diplomacy with all its bells and whistles (Thanks Somebody for keeping it up to date!)
  • Tournament Play Enhancements by Windyplains.
  • Pre-Battle Orders and Deployment by Caba'Drin.
  • Freelancer mod by Taragoth.
  • Improved UI Textures by Rohzdear.
  • HD World Map by andrewraphaellukasik with brightness and color adjustments by me.
  • Dedal Tavern Animation OSP by Dedal with code adjustments so that taverngoers match the culture of each town.
  • Dice and Three Cards tavern games by AndyYa.

Personally done changes:
  • More merchant gold in economically prosperous towns
  • Less merchant gold in economically suffering towns
  • Economically suffering town merchants loose gold if they have too much.
  • 10x positive troop relation changes.
  • 20x negative troop relation changes.
  • 10x positive center relation changes.
  • 20x negative center relation changes.
  • Relationships don't worsen with lords when you give a fief to a different one if you own a kingdom.
  • Customizable skillgain multiplier (in camp menu).

I am open to suggestions, and I am planning on adding new releases in the future with your feedback.

Note: If you want to use the source for your mod...
* You must give credit to me and all other creators involved.
* I started with SB's Diplomacy. All code I added is marked with comments.
* there are TPE slots defined at the bottom of module_constants. Make sure you don't define new slots that overlap!