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An update for Rising Sun: Bakumatsu.

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The first of possibly many of my updates for Rising Sun: Bakumatsu. The mod seems to have ceased development over on ModDB, so I figured I would take the reigns and add in some features.

Some of the new features:
  • Entirely new textures, models, screens, music tracks, towns, villages, facial meshes, and map icons.
  • Almost every piece of Armor has been replaced. Samurai troops have a sleaker, lighter, and more modern look and lower-level troops now have more 19th century-era appropriate gear.
  • More troops and Lords have also been given more Westernized gear to add to the 19th century feel.
  • New clothing meshes. Removes many of the extra Hakamas and Kimonos to make room for more Westernized clothing.
  • A full-scale winter overhaul.
  • A new presence on the Island of Sado. Destroy them and wipe their village and put an end to their hiding, or conquer them and use their troops to your advantage to make Japan your own.
  • Many more small features and tweaks that I've just forgotten to name.

NOTE: The only major bug in this mod that stands out is that sometimes when troops die on the battlefield, their bodies will freeze mid-fall, which can be immersion-breaking. This was present in the original Rising Sun mod and I currently have no knowledge of how to go about fixing it, so please don't ask me about it.

  • Rising Sun: Bakumatsu Team for the base mod. Download it here:
  • Gekokujo team for making the mod that Rising Sun: Bakumatsu was based off of.
  • 1866 team for various clothing models and textures.
  • If I used an asset from your mod and forgot to mention you, I apologize.
  • This Mod incorporates a large amount of content from the old version of Blood & Iron (B&I II OSP). ALL western style UNIFORMS and some FIREARM parts contained in this mod were made by Parrot, Willhelm and the Blood & Iron team.

I did not make the original Rising Sun: Bakumatsu, or Gekokujo mods.