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I made a simple crown based off of the king in the north's crown in game of thrones, this is a resource it comes with the model, "Simple" textures, and the UV map.

Permissions and credits
This is a Modder's Resource

I made a model based off of "The crown of the first men", It's not perfect
and has simple textures (I suck at texturing so if you want better textures you'll need to make them yourself).
The downloads include:

1) The Crown as an .Obj
2) The Crown as an .blend
2) The UV map
3) The Crown textures(diffuse, bump, and specular)

 The model has 1200 vertices
on another note, if someone wants this added to native I can add it if there's enough interest.

Not sure if the scale is too large for the game, I haven't checked, you may
have to edit the file to be similarly sized to other weapons in m&B

Anyone can use my model for whatever, Give me credit or not... but let me know
if it's a big mod. I'd be interested in trying out any mods
made/published with my model in it.