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You have conquered central Ireland and parts of its coast, but the war is far from over....

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Please read the description before downloading and/or commenting. If you do not read it, and I will know should you comment a complaint about certain things, then I will ignore your complaint.

You are Andreas mac Aengus. Ard Ruire of the United Clans of Ireland, and rightful ruler of Ireland.

Long have you dreamt of an Ireland united against the Northmen raiders and Saxon colonizers. Long have you dreamt of a Christian land devoted to peace and unity. Long have you dreamt of your very own Ireland to call home... but today is the day. Years ago, you became a proxy ruler in the old clan of Mide when the previous ruler died of illness. You saw your opportunity.... and you took it. Within days, you rallied what was left of Mide's army and vassals and launched a lightning war against the clans of Osriage, Uladh, and dominated them within months. Naturally, this sudden spark of aggression took by surprise the other so-called Kings of Ireland, and most knew not of what to do. Within months, you conquered central Ireland, and many lords bend knee to you, and fight for their true Ard Ruire -- High King -- of Ireland.

But, with power comes a price. And the other rulers won't allow an upstart nation to threaten their realms. War rages within Ireland, and it seems no end to the bloodshed is in sight. Villages, women, and priests pay the price. Children grow up without dads. And bandits run rampant, their ranks swelling from deserters from all sides of the war. And worse, the outsiders -- the Saxons, the Anglians, the Northmen, the Frisians, the Scots, and the Britons -- have all taken notice. And some rulers, such as those of Laithlind and Alt Clut see opportunities when they pass by. And now, total war rages within Ireland, between Irish who wish for unity, and Irish who wish for independence. The Northmen slaughter both sides, and the Saxons intently watch with glee as both sides slash at each others throats....

But, together with your wife Gormlaith, and your faithful vassals. You still stand a chance to win this war and unite Ireland once and for all, and for ever and ever... but with a standing army composed of different nationalities, most of whom who hate each other, a nation attacked from all sides, and no standing navy, coupled with bandits raping the countryside, and rumors of villages being harassed by dogmen, the fight for freedom for all will be a hard one. One that will take true courage, skill, and tact. One that will throw hardships left and right. But, as long as your sword arm remains steady, and your tongue remains silver, and as long as your vassals remain faithful, then you stand a chance.

But will you succeed? Will you win this war once and for all, and throw the Northmen out of Ireland forever and ever? Will you win and keep the Saxons from stealing your land in a great war that will shake the very foundations of the Earth itself? Will you win this war and end the bloodshed for good? Or will you crash and burn, watching as your wife is taken in the arse by a Danish viking? Will you watch as the land burns in a great danish-bound fire? And will you let the Saxons take their opportunity and raid your land?

This story is yours, now and forever. What happens next is ultimately up to you.

To Install
Just take the save game file in this mod and place it within This PC > Documents > Mount&Blade Warband Savegames > Viking Conquest. Boom. Simple and easy. If you changed the savegame path then put it where you put the Warband Savegames.

Also, if you already have some saved games in Viking Conquest (which is a high probability), then replace the 00 at the end of the save with whatever number comes next. Like, if you have 5 saved games in Viking Conquest, then replace the 00 with 06.

Mount and Blade: Warband
Viking Conquest - Reforged Edition


Question: But you already conquered all/most of Ireland in this save game. Whats the fun in it if our "war" is over?
Answer: I have not conquered all of Ireland, nor most of it either. You only control the central and north east coast of Ireland. Most of the clans still remain, and they all attack you from all sides.

Question: Follow-up question.... Why?
Answer: I meant for the save to be challenging. Not only are you under attack from every angle, but the foreign nations also are drawing their attention towards you. This will not be a cake walk. You most likely will lose land if your not careful and swift in response, and vassals may desert should you not retake their lands for them if you lose them.

Question: I have conquered Ireland, what now?
Answer: Congratulations, but that is up to you.... perhaps you can look towards the lands of the Scots and the Britons?