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Kitten Warfare is a modification of the Floris Mod Pack that has new troop trees, redistributed and rebalanced items, and many other mechanics changes.

Permissions and credits
Disclaimer: Note that kittens are not included, they are only present on the in-game screens. 
The misleading title is the result of the author's inability of coming up with the appropriate mod name and his love for cats.

This mod is based on the Floris Expanded Mod Pack for Mount & Blade: Warband v1.172.
It was created for personal use and according to my preferences, but since it turned out to be a fairly decent modification of the Floris Mod Pack, I figured someone else may enjoy it as well. 

Key features:
  • New troop trees
  • Items are resorted, rebalanced, and redistributed between factions
  • Battles are more dynamic
  • Some design enhancement
  • 'Surgery', 'Tactics', and 'Weapon Master' skills are set to 10
  • Party sizes are reduced
  • Wages, upgrade, hire, and sell costs of the troops are increased
  • Companions do not dislike each other anymore and can all be recruited if desired
  • High-tier items cannot be bought in stores; they can only be looted in battle or won during a tournament
  • Quests' rewards are rebalanced to be more sensible and realistic


  1. Download the main file
  2. Extract to your modules folder (Mount&Blade Warband/Modules/)

Detailed information about the mod (the exact changes, new values, and credits) can be found in the attached documentation in the 'Files' tab or here.
Comments can be left here or on the forum.